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Celebs in Low Heels is Tragic

Low heels are simply not sexy. They are boring and not flattering. Sure they are comfortable, but when you hit the red carpet or are constantly in the eye of the camera then you should just suck it up and wear high heels. I’m sorry they are painful. But the fact is high heels look amazing and low heels are boring. Nothing can make a simple dress or jeans hotter than a pair of stilettos. Conversely nothing can make a sexy outfit more boring than a pair of low heels. Sure, high heels has their time and place. If you are rolling down to Wal-Mart for a bag of charcoal, it’s ridiculous to be wearing them. But if you are on the carpet or getting photographed at some event, it’s best you figure out a way to strap on a pair of high heels and revel in the attention.


jessica biel