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Heather Graham Lovely in a Long Sleeved Mini Dress

Where has Heather Graham been? I seldom see her in the celebrity culture rags and blogs anymore. Which is a shame, of course, because she is quite lovely and talented. She dropped in on some red carpet for a movie premiere looking outstanding in a long sleeved mini dress with requisite pumps that showed off her amazing curves and stellar long legs. I hope she’ll find herself back on the celebrity promotion circuit more often. We need to see more elegance and class like this.

heidi klum heidi klum




Penelope Cruz is Curvy With Sexy Legs in a Revealing Red Dress on the Set of Bop Decameron in Rome

Penelope Cruz looks amazing in her very short red dress that shows off her shapely and sexy legs. The dress also displays a healthy amount of her huge cleavage as well. She is on set in Rome for her latest movie called Bop Decameron. This has the appearance of a movie worth checking out if she wears such revealing attire during the film. Her gorgeous legs look fantastic and particularly well accentuated in her open toe red high heels. Love the sexy legs getting out of the car as well as the view as she is walking away. Quite lovely.

Penelope Cruz Set of Bop Decameron in RomePenelope Cruz Set of Bop Decameron in RomePenelope Cruz Set of Bop Decameron in RomePenelope Cruz Set of Bop Decameron in Rome

Kristen Bell Still Has Great Celebrity Legs in High Heels

Kristen Bell promoted her crappy movie ‘”Burlesque” appearing on the red carpet in London a couple of months ago showing off her gorgeous legs in a short dress and stunning high heels. She has perfect toned and fit legs. She is a stylish and fashionable woman who almost always gets her attire right particularly to accentuate her hot legs. I love her purple satin high heel pumps she is wearing too. This is a great job.

kristen bell hot legs in high heels on red carpetkristen bell hot legs in high heels on red carpet

Christina Aguilera Has Sexy Legs in a Short Pink Dress and High Heels

Christina Aguilera shows off her sexy legs in a short pink dress and gorgeous leopard print high heels. I am really digging the animal print stiletto that are popular these days. It takes a confident woman to wear them but those that do look great in them. Aguilera has hot and toned legs which are fully accentuated in her stilettos.

christina aguillera pink dress and heelschristina aguillera pink dress and heels

Jessica Stroup Has Gorgeous Legs in a Tight and Short Dress With Sky High Heels

Jessica Stroup is a good looking young woman. One of the new set in Hollywood. Have no idea if she will be more than remembered for a third rate TV show on some obscure channel, but for now she is certainly making her way onto red carpets and getting noticed. She has a great body and is very pretty. Love her choice of a tight and short dress and towering high heels at this LG technology and fashion event. They show off her sexy legs nicely.

jessica stroup sexy legs in high heelsjessica stroup sexy legs in high heels

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Curves in a Tight Dress and High Heels

Kim Kardashian takes her curves down to Australia. She is wearing a tight, short and low cut dress that displays plenty of her legs and cleavage. She has on a pair of funky and sky high heels. Yep, she’s hot. She’s a sexual icon at this point. But she is an unproductive nobody who is making the most of her good looks and simply enjoys being a sex symbol. It’s getting boring.

Kim Kardashian in a tight dress and high heelsKim Kardashian in a tight dress and high heels

Sarah Jessica Parker Has Gorgeous and Shapely Legs in Towering High Heels

I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I am always interested in women with toned and fit legs. Sarah Jessica Parker was seen at ShoWest Awards events wearing short dresses and incredible sky high heels which accentuated her great legs wonderfully. I love the muscle tone this woman has in her hot legs.  There is a lot of effort shown here.

Sarah Jessica Parker legs in high heelsSarah Jessica Parker legs in high heelsSarah Jessica Parker legs in high heelsSarah Jessica Parker legs in high heelsSarah Jessica Parker legs in high heels