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Alison Brie Stylish in a Tight Dress and Sexy High Heels

Alison Brie looks fantastic in a white and floral dress that stylishly hugs her every curve. Unfortunately the top rather mutes her fabulous bosom, the peplum flair covers her curvy bum and the length covers her shapely legs. I guess the only thing this outfit has going for it are the strappy shoes which accentuates a barely visible gam. At any rate I find Alison to be quite attractive particularly when she doesn’t opine politically like every other Hollywood celeb. But given the nature of culture she does tend to activate around various societal issues that I find garbage. The less she opines the more attractive and fabulous I find her, and come to think of it, any other starlet vying for attention.

Alison Brie is sexy

alison brie alison brie


Sarah Hyland Leggy in a Thigh High Slit White Dress and High Heels

Sarah Hyland showed off her sim legs in a hot little white number with a thigh high slit up the side and stylish strappy high heels. She posed her way down the red carpet for some event looking rather lovely. She made excellent use of a her all-body bronser and matching makeup. Honestly it looks a little weird but her trim body is a delight in the little white dress. Not a favorite but noteworthy.

sarah hyland sarah hyland


Elisabeth Moss Sexy Legs in a Little Black Dress and Pumps

Elisabeth Moss arrived for some film festival event wearing a lovely little black dress and pumps. She has wonderfully toned and shapely legs that she seems to enjoy showing off from time to time. I think she is an entertaining actress and she does a nice job of showing up to the red carpets with style and class.

Elisabeth Moss Elisabeth Moss



Natalie Dormer Style and Class in a Lovely Colorful Dress

Natalie Dormer looks absolutely ravishing in a lovely floral dress and sexy high heels. This is not necessarily my typical post as the talent is not really showing off that much of her fabulous legs. And yes Natalie Dormer has great legs. I came across these photos of her promoting Brown Thomas winter collection, whatever that is, and instantly became quite smitten in how she looked and presented herself to the camera. Pure. Class. It doesn’t hurt that she is beautiful, the dress is quite lovely and the high heels are stunningly eye-catching. I really like her in these photos.

Natalie DormerNatalie Dormer

Reese Witherspoon Sexy Legs in a Short White Skirt and Chunky Heels

Reese Witherspoon continued to win summer as she made her way around the city in a tasteful white skirt with a tied top and chunky heel ankle strap sandals. Her legs were nice displayed as she the obvious work she puts in working out was on full display. Her sexy legs are toned and shapely. She remains one of my favorite street style celebrities. She never disappoints in being fashionable and stylish.

reese witherspoon reese witherspoon reese witherspoon



Chloë Grace Moretz Shapely Legs in a Sexy Little Red Dress

Chloë Grace Moretz made her way to one of the stupid late night shows wearing a lovely little red dress and stylish mule heels that showed off her gorgeous legs nicely. It’s fairly obvious she is a fan of fitness as her legs are quite shapely. She is one of the more stylish actresses plying her trade in the Hollywood sewer these days. I am always interested in seeing what fashionable attire she has adorned herself in.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Elle Mcpherson Long Legs in Cropped Pants and Ankle Strap High Heels

Elle Mcpherson took her long legs for a stroll in cropped black pants and ever present ankle strap high heels. This lady remains one of the more saucy supermodels. Her legs are obviously incredible and she is stunningly beautiful. Growing up she was one of my favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. And even after multiple decades that body of hers remains a sight to behold. She makes 20 year olds wish they were 50.

elle macpherson elle macpherson