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Hailee Steinfeld Lovely In a Curve Hugging Pencil Skirt and Stilettos

Hailee Steifeld took to the red carpet to fulfill her ‘Bumblebee’ appearance obligations wearing a lovely two piece tight cropped top, I think the fashionistas call this a bralette, and pencil skirt with stilettos. Simply stunning, as usual. It just doesn’t get much better and I’ve looked. Well done.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Amy Adams Stunning in a See Through Dress and Sexy High Heels

Amy Adams has become my favorite actress. Her talent is indisputable ranking her in the top 5 of actresses working today. Her beauty and style is incomparable. She always keeps it tasteful and classy while showing off plenty of sex appeal. She appeared at some event wearing a lovely and colorful see through dress that showed off a hint oif her incredibly shapely legs. Her foot attire was as usual fabulous. She is one of the few actresses I will go to a picture show specifically for her performance.

amy adams amy adams



Jennifer Lopez Showing Off Her Half Naked Body in Sequins and High Heels

Jennifer Lopez in some photoshoot where she draped green sequins over her nudity to show off her gorgeous legs and fabulous curves. I appreciate her middle-aged body being on par with most 20 years olds. I think as she gets older she enjoys revealing her body more and more. Middle aged people aren’t suppose to look like this so she may as well show it off while people are interested. She puts in the fitness work to achieve such sex appeal so who can blame her for indulging in her narcissism. jennifer lopez jennifer lopez


Anna Kendrick Flashing Her Sexy Legs in a High Slit Dress

Anna Kendrick took to the red carpet to promote something wearing a lovely sleeveless and thigh high slit dress and fabulous mule slip on high heels. She always looks classy and elegant. I enjoy seeing her work the red carpet. She has lovely legs and fabulous curves that she obviously knows how to show off. She tends to be a favorite.

anna kendrick anna kendrick


Sarah Hyland Leggy in a Thigh High Slit White Dress and High Heels

Sarah Hyland showed off her sim legs in a hot little white number with a thigh high slit up the side and stylish strappy high heels. She posed her way down the red carpet for some event looking rather lovely. She made excellent use of a her all-body bronser and matching makeup. Honestly it looks a little weird but her trim body is a delight in the little white dress. Not a favorite but noteworthy.

sarah hyland sarah hyland


Elisabeth Moss Sexy Legs in a Little Black Dress and Pumps

Elisabeth Moss arrived for some film festival event wearing a lovely little black dress and pumps. She has wonderfully toned and shapely legs that she seems to enjoy showing off from time to time. I think she is an entertaining actress and she does a nice job of showing up to the red carpets with style and class.

Elisabeth Moss Elisabeth Moss



Jennifer Morrison Lovely in a Yellow Two Piece Outfit and High Heels

Big fan of Jennifer Morrison. She does a nice job of presenting herself in classy and appealing attire for her red carpet appearances. She showed up for Netflix wearing a tasteful and tasty yellow two piece outfit with ankle strap high heels. Her fabulous physique is on display in a very lovely manner.

jenifer morrison jenifer morrison



Olivia Munn in a Lovely Purple Strapless Dress and High Heels

Olivia Munn made an appearance at the ridiculous crapfest otherwise known as the MTV VMAs. I can’t imagine what her contract demanded of her to have to appear at that awful thing. She was fashionable and fabulous nonetheless wearing a lovely strapless purple dress an ankle strap high heels. Unlike other performers and celebrities who somehow decided that the show was an opportunity for public indecency Olivia made a stylish and classy entrance as usual. This stupid event didn’t deserve her appearance.

More Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn Olivia Munn Olivia Munn Olivia Munn Olivia Munn


Anna Kendrick Sexy Legs in a Pink Mini Dress and High Heels

Anna Kendrick presented herself on the red carpet for the juvenile awards on Fox wearing a lovely little pink dress with silver ankle strap high heels. Her legs looked rather fabulous in the dress while her cleavage was equally as divine. I enjoy observing her  on the various red carpets and media events she is contractually obliged to attend. She has a great body and does a fantastic job of decorating it. She even seems to enjoy it. She’s a favorite.

Celebrity Great Legs

anna kendrick anna kendrick


Jessica Lowndes Showing Off Her Sexy Legs in a Short Black Dress

Jessica Lowndes showed up to the Hallmark Mysteries red carpet event showing off her fabulously sexy legs in a short little black number and standard ankle strap high heels. She has a lovely figure and incredible legs that are well worth discussing. She is stylish and does a nice job of showing off her sex appeal for the photographic red carpet conga line. I’m usually rather impressed in her fashion choices and beauty. Well done.

jessica lowndes jessica lowndes