Jessica Chastain Gorgeous in a Leggy Photoshoot Wearing a Little Black Lace Dress and High Heels

Jessica Chastain¬†has become one of my favorite celebrities particularly on the red carpet and in fashion shoots. She is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body and sexy legs. She is one of the most stylish women in Hollywood and by my account hasn’t made a style¬†mistep that would be construed as a fashion freakshow unlike many of her couture wearing fellow actresses. This steamy photo of her in a little black dress and fabulous high heels is typical of her beauty.

jessica chastain


Alison Sweeney Sexy Fit Legs in a Short Dress and Slingback High Heels at the TCA Press Tour Red Carpet

Alison Sweeney brings her sexy fit legs to the TCA press tour red carpet wearing a short dress and platform slingback high heels. I have enjoyed watching her on the Biggest Loser the last couple of seasons. The competition is fine and all but I prefer see Alison’s fit curves and nice legs in workout attire and figure hugging mini dresses during the weigh in.

alison-sweeney alison-sweeney

Jennifer Aniston Shapely Legs Street Style in a Short Dress and Sky High Louboutins

Lovely to see Jennifer Aniston showing off her still fabulous shapely legs as she makes her way to promote her latest movie effort, Cake. She looks amazing in a short dress with sky high Christian Louboutin heels mounting the sidewalk.

Celebrity Plunge



Hailee Steinfeld Amazing Legs in a Little White Dress at W Magazine Event

Hailee Stenfeld made a stunning appearance on the W Magazine event red carpet wearing a short little white number and strappy black high heels which showed off her lovely legs nicely. I believe she is going to be one of the bright up and comers on the red carpet and in the movies. She has a gorgeous exotic look and from the looks of it as she’s gotten older since her breakout role in True Grit she has style for the red carpet as well. I look forward to seeing more from this talented and gorgeous young woman on future event carpets.