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Jennifer Aniston Gets Back in the Game in a Lovely Short Dress

Jennifer Aniston finally got back in the red carpet game with a tasty appearance for her new animation movie ‘Storks’. She posed on the blue carpet actually in a lovely short metallic number with strappy high heels. Of special not are her fabulous legs looking as toned and shapely as ever. It’s been a good month what with Reese Witherspoon basically winning summer with her stunning street style leg displays and Renee Zellweger coming out of hiding to promote ‘Bridget’ and simply nailing it with her gorgeous legs. Anyway the fitness troika is complete with this wonderful appearance of Aniston.

jennifer aniston jennifer aniston

Kate Beckinsale Has Great Legs in Sexy High Heels For A Fashionable Photoshoot

Kate Beckinsale is a favorite celebrity. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the most fashionable celebrities. You can typically count on her to wear gorgeous gowns and dresses that are figure hugging as well as towering high heels that accentuate her gorgeous legs. I came across these beautiful photos of her from a John Russo photoshoot. She looked amazing. I have hopes that her movie career will get back on track in the near future as well.



Eva Mendes Has Great Legs in a Flirty Black Dress and Towering High Heels

These photos of Eva Mendes are some of my favorites of great celebrity legs in high heels. I find her one of the most stylish and sexy celebrities working today. Her legs and the high heels she is strapped into are incredible. The heels are incredibly high and her dress shows off plenty of her sexy legs, which are incredibly fit and shapely.

Kristen Bell in Strappy High Heels

Kristen Bell is quickly rising in the ranking of my favorite celebrities in high heels. She has gorgeous legs. You can tell she is active and fit. Her legs are shapely and sexy. And when she hits the celebrity carpet she is always strapped into some sexy high heels which make her legs even more amazing. She definitely has some of the best celebrity high heels ranking up there with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Rene Zellweger. Know what all these babes have in common? They exercise a lot to keep their legs worthy of objectification.


Desperate Housewives in High Heels on TV Guide Cover

I had a chuckle when I saw this cover on TV Guide. We get the magazine at the house. All the Desperate Housewives in basic naughty housewife and slutty high heels attire on what is supposed to be a family type magazine. I have no problems at all with the photo. And, by the way, the individual photos of the girls inside the magazine were pretty choice as well. But I’ve seen lesser revealing photos in Maxim magazine. I can just see middle America 60 year old Maude having a cow with this photo. I imagine there will be a ton of complaints. The girls all looked nicely airbrushed, though I thought Teri Hatcher, her legs specifically, were really skinny. Like PVC pipe thin. Scary stuff.

Renee Zellweger Best Celebrity Legs in High Heels

Always nice to see Renee Zelleweger in towering high heels. The girl has some of the best celebrity legs in the business. You can tell she works out. They are fit, toned and very shapely. And the cool thing about Renee is she is obviously very proud of the work she has put in to her legs. She seems to enjoy showing them off as much as I like seeing her show them off. And she seems to love wearing high heels as she shows at the premiere of Apaloosa. This is some good work.


Marissa Miller is Leggy in Funky High Heels

Marissa Miller has again fascinated me in a sexy photoshoot. Here she is posing in Malibu magazine. I think the photographer and stylist got this right. There is something very hot about a leggy girl in stockings and funky high heels. Marissa Miller is a favorite.