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Emmy Rossum Sexy Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Emmy Rossum posed on the street wearing a sexy little red dress with black leather jacket and stylish high heels. She has nice legs. I don’t know much more about her except the few times I see her parading down the red carpet or something I observe that she is a rather lovely looking woman. She seems to have nice style.

Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum


Hailee Steinfeld Sexy Legs in a Black One-Shoulder Mini Dress

Hailee Steinfeld showed off her gorgeous legs in a lovely little black one-shoulder min dress and vampish pumps at some Variety Hitmakers  event. As usual, she looked amazing. She is the model of how young Hollywood should present themselves to the red carpet for media appearances. Always stunning in her style she never makes bad fashion choices.hailee steinfeld  hot legs hailee steinfeld great legs hailee steinfeld sexy legs



Charlize Theron Hot Legs in a Little White Number and Nude High Heels

Charlize Theron wraps up her NYC media blitz for her ‘Atomic Blonde’ promotion wearing a tasty little white dress and sky high ankle strap heels. She totally looks done with this. Not much else to say except her legs are delightfully long and she decorated them nicely. Well done and we’ll see you next time you have a contractual obligation to be seen.

charlize theron charlize theron charlize theron



Charlize Theron Long Legs in a Short Red Couture Number

Charlize Theron s getting ready to perform her obligatory contractual obligations of movie promotions for ‘Atomic Blonde’. I have no idea if this thing will be any good and I really can’t get all that excited over it but it will be nice to see her tooling around the various red carpets and talk shows showing off her long legs and model curves. Her fashion sense can be hit or miss in my view but as long as she is delivering a nice physical attribute tribute to herself then I’m fine with whatever she gets paid to wear. Anyway, this red couture number they are working on before her movie promo appearance does a nice job of showing off her spiffy legs in high heels…regardless how ridiculous it looks.

charlize theron charlize theron

Jessica Chastain Evening Elegance in a Tasty Little Black Dress and Louboutin Pumps

Jessica Chastain decorated her gorgeous legs and luscious curves in a low cut little black dress and ubiquitous Christian Louboutin high heels for a visit to some fancy restaurant. With much effort she folded her long legs into the back of her ride after her dinner. Everything about these paparazzi personal invasion photos of evening privacy is elegant and sexy. She looks and dresses fantastic.

Jessica Chastain Jessica Chastain Jessica Chastain

Amy Adams Elegant in a Backless Little Black Dress

Amy Adams kept things classy and stylish, as usual thankfully. In this crazy year of sheer red carpet fashion indecency she is a lovely breath of fresh fashionable air. She made her way down the Toronto Film Festival red carpet in a lovely backless little black dress and matching ankle strap high heels. Her toned gams are popping.

amy-adams-toronto-film-festival amy-adams-toronto-film-festival