Eliza Dushku in High Heels

Eliza Dushku has always struck me as tomboyish, but in a good way. During her run on Buffy the Vampire Slayer she seemed athletic and edgy, but in a very sexy way. She’s definitely cute and she has a great body. She’s just one of those chicks that always surprises me when I see her. I never give her enough credit as being a hot babe. This photo, yet again, proves the point. She looks beautiful, her body looks amazing in her dress, nice legs, and the high heels are rocking. It’s a good effort. I can get behind objectifying this.

One thought on “Eliza Dushku in High Heels

  1. Tim

    I agree Eliza is gorgeous, she is definitely an overlooked beauty and she looks rockin’ in the dress and heels! Stunning!


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