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Jessica Chastain Class and Elegance in a Strapless Dress

Jessica Chastain appeared for some promotional event wearing a lovely strapless black dress and ankle strap high heels. She is one my favorite red carpet celebrities as she is typically always lovely and seems to enjoy displaying her sumptuous sex appeal. She has great legs that she more than likely enjoys showing off in sky high heels.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Lea Michele Sexy Legs in a Cute and Short Dress With Red Pumps at the Teen Choice Awards

Lea Michele brought the cute and sexy attending the Teen Choice Awards 2015 wearing a hot little strapless skater dress and red stilettos. The woman has gorgeous legs that she continues to enjoy showing off. I’m happy to be the beneficiary of her selflessness. Well done Ms. Michele.

lea michele lea michele

Mila Kunis Has Great Legs in a Strapless Blue Dress and High Heels

Mila Kunis has been getting a lot of play lately from the glamour and celebrity sites. For one she is starring in a movie where she gives oral sex to Natalie Portman. That will definitely get you noticed. But really her raised status is more about her beauty and her fashionable style. She has a nice slim body with sexy legs. She is always mounted in towering high heels when she makes the requisite appearances for her movies which accentuate her pretty legs. She looks amazing in her strapless blue dress and high heels.

mila kunis blue strapless dress and high heelsmila kunis blue strapless dress and high heels

Karolina Kurkova Has Long Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Karolina Kurkova is a model. Therefore you’d expect her to have long legs and you’d be right. What is hit or miss is whether a models legs are toned and shapely. Sometimes these models legs are simply slim and uninteresting. That is not the case with Karolina. I observe muscle tone and shape in her ridiculously long legs. Add a gorgeous pair of high heels and a strapless mini dress and she can really grab some attention. She’s walking the red carpet at the World Music Awards for 2010.

Karolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heelsKarolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heelsKarolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heelsKarolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heels

Kate Beckinsale in a Short Dress Shows Off Her Gorgeous Legs in High Heels at Cannes

Once again we see Kate Beckinsale looking as lovely as ever in a short, strapless mini dress and a pair of towering high heels that show off her great legs. Clearly she works out as her ler sexy legs are toned and fit. She is sen in these photos at some after-party in Cannes for Robin Hood. Her legs are smoking hot and she is beautiful. I can’t say enough about her.

Kate Beckinsale hs sexy legs in high heelsKate Beckinsale has sexy legs in high heels

Eva Longoria in a Strapless Mini Dress and Elegant High Heels

Once again Eva Longoria appears on the event carpet looking as beautiful as ever. She is wearing a sexy little mini dress and high heels. She has a very nice petite body but she really knows how to decorate it perfectly. She hardly ever has a fashion misstep. Always wearing clothing that makes full use of showing off her tight body. Oddly enough she is not mounted in the tallest of high heels at this Latin Music event. Very modest height for Longoria Parker who is known for strapping into towering stiletto heels.

eva logoria latin music awardseva logoria latin music awards1