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Eva Mendes is Lovely in a Blue Dress and High Heels

These photos were posted a year and a half ago and were largely ignored. I thought I would push them forward for another viewing as I find Eva Mendes to be incredibly sexy and pretty. She looks elegant and sophisticated in her modest blue dress and nude high heels. I think she has great legs which she does a great job of accentuating in sexy high heels. Have another look.

eva mendeseva_mendes

Christine Lakin Has Got Sweet Sexy Legs in High Heels

don’t know much about Christine Lakin except that she has shapely, sexy legs, She is seen here at the valentine’s day movie premiere wearing a little dress and modes high heels. I have to be honest I would prefer to see her mounted in a wee bit higher heel that what she wore on this red carpet but she has really nice legs so that made up for extra inch or so. Just gander at her gams. Nice muscle tone. This is some good work.

Christine Lakin has sexy legs in high heelsChristine Lakin has sexy legs in high heels

Fergie in a Short Blue Dress Has Sexy Legs in High Heels

Fergie was perhaps the best dressed, the most sexy woman at the Grammys. While other women dressed in ridiculous costumes, or less than flattering outfits, Fergie slipped on her typical sexy mini dress and wowed us with her great legs in high heels as well as a healthy viewing of cleavage. Her legs are toned and shapely. Simply among the best of today’s celebrities. I don’t feel bad about gushing over her display as she is clearly proud of her work.

fergie sexy legs in high heelsfergie sexy legs in high heels

Rachel Weisz Has Sexy Legs in a Blue Dress and High Heels

I am a huge fan of Rachel Weisz. I think she is incredibly beautiful and talented. She has gorgeous legs and is typically a very stylish woman. She does a good job of decorating herself for an appearance at the Late Show in a pretty blue dress and sexy high heel pumps.

Sofia Vergara Has Sexy Legs in Stockings and High Heels

sofia Vergara looks incredible as usual sporting a sexy blue dress and towering high heels. But the cherry on top are the stockings she is wearing with that delicious line that is running up the back of her sexy legs. For whatever reason that is such a head turner. Of course, you only wear those type of stockings for the attention and this lovely women can certainly bring it when she wants to. What a stunner.

sofia vergara sofia vergara

Eva Longoria Has Great Legs in a Blue Dress and High Heels

Eva Longoria continues to interest me. She looks fantastic in her form fitting blue dress and high heels. She hardly ever gets it wrong when considering her fashion sense and style. Always nicely decorated in outfits that show off her pretty body and always strapped into high heels that do a fantastic job of accentuating her toned and fit sexy legs.

eva longoria blue dresseva longoria blue dress

Olivia Munn Has Great Legs in a Tight Blue Dress and High Heel Ankle Booties

Olivia Munn has hot legs in high heels. She is on Attack of the Show acting stupid and making retarded comments but still somehow pulls it off most likely because she taps into the geek world as one of their own but who is also very hot. I find her annoying but also a nice piece of eye candy. I actually watch her show but thanks to the remote have the ability to condense one hour of mostly crap into about 10 minutes of interesting information. At any rate, I dig her sexy legs in high heels. She looks fantastic in these photos from her appearance at the Spike TV awards wearing a sexy blue dress and high heel ankle booties.


Samantha Brown Has Sexy Legs in High Heels

Samantha Brown is a dish. I don’t know if many of you know who this person is so let me school you. Ever watch Travel Channel? She is a host of a travel show where she tools around the world visiting cool places. Well she is as cute and sexy as she looks. She has a great personality that is spunky and funny. And it doesn’t hurt that she is pretty and has a great body. It is not uncommon for her to don a bikini to go swimming or wear shorts that display her gorgeous legs or a nice dress for an evening out. She’s awesome. These photos are captures of a commercial on the Travel channel for her show. Nice blue dress and high heels.