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Malin Akerman Has Hot Legs in Sexy High Heels

Malin Akerman has gorgeous legs. They are long and shapely. Seems like she makes an effort in keeping them in shape and fit. She tends to wear outfits that do a nice job of accentuating her sexy legs. I really like the high heels she is strapped into her as she poses at a tribute to the music of Elvis Presley.

Malin Akerman has gorgeous legs in high heelsMalin Akerman has gorgeous legs in high heels

Kate Hudson Has Great Legs in Sexy High Heels

Kate Hudson has really gotten my attention since she has been promoting her movie the Nine. I knew that she was a fit and healthy woman but I really never paid a great deal of attention to her legs. She actually has gorgeous legs. She made an appearance on the Late Show last week and came dressed in a pretty dress and sexy high heels. She looks great.

Julie Benz Has Great Legs in High Heel Boots

Not sure what Julie Benz is wearing but at least she covers her feet with some very sexy high heel suede boots. She is a sexy woman that typically does a nice job dressing her tight and right body but this time she didn’t do a great job. However, she did slide into some very sexy high heel boots that helps distract from the rather ugly dress as she appeared for the Boondock Saints II All Saints Day premiere in Hollywood.


Amber Heard in Tight Jeans and Sky High Heels

Amber Heard is a cute and sexy woman. She is seen here wearing a very choice pair of tight jeans along with some maroon stiletto high heels that I dig very much. Nice to see some color strapped onto women’s feet fro time to time instead of basic black. She has a great body and obviously has gorgeous legs that are nestled comfortably in her form fitting jeans. Skinny jeans and high heels are the best.

amber heardamber heard1

Rachel Zoe in Towering High Heels

I was searching across Twitter and came across this rather cool photo of Rachel Zoe showing off her sexy towering high heels. I haven’t a clue who this person is. She’s a celeb as far as I know and a rather cute one at that. Sometimes you get lucky and run across cool photos like this that grab your attention. I think this woman is cute and sexy and she definitely made me take notice with those shoes. Awesome.

rachel zoe