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Charlize Theron Leggy in a White Skirt and Pumps but She Forgot Her Top

Charlize Theron continued her promotional tour for ‘Atomic Blonde’ as she paraded her incredible long legs down the red carpet in Berlin. She wore a high waisted short skirt  and a bra top with white pumps. It’s a ridiculous outfit. I dunno, man. Maybe it’s expected in Germany to tool around half naked but old school classy and elegant Hollywood would likely have a different opinion. She’s got the body to pull this off and a half but, meh, can Hollywood not get dressed to go out in public? And it looks like Theron is getting Hollywood face. It’s most unsettling as I would vastly prefer her to just let the wrinkles fall where they may instead of smearing out her lines with filler and botox. 5-10 years down the road it could get sad. But damn, here’s hoping she’ll always have those stunning legs to proudly display.

charlize theron charlize theron charlize theron

Charlize Theron Has Great Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Charlize Theron poses her gorgeous self down the red carpet for the launch of the Rage video game. I’m guessing the gaming nerds were thrilled to get this leggy beauty to attend their party. She is wearing a little black dress and high heel booties that show off her long sexy legs. She makes being gorgeous seem so effortless. Like she just thew on her outfit, pulled her hair back and slipped out the door like it’s no big deal. She is amazing.

Charlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los AngelesCharlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los AngelesCharlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los Angeles