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Connie Britton Classy and Stylish in a White Dress

Connie Britton showed up for an InStyle event looking decidedly elegant and classy. Nice to not to see any see through threads and lace. Just a gorgeous lady in a lovely dress that shows off her figure with class. I find these photos exceedingly refreshing. Granted I find her physique extremely attractive, her long legs and sexy cleavage are divine, but the way Hollywood is pushing sexuality at such a vociferous rate it’s nice to just take a breath and see a woman attend an event with elegance and beauty. She’s a favorite.

connie britton connie britton



Reese Witherspoon Showing the Half Dressed Hollywood Tarts What Class and Elegance Is

I find Reese Witherspoon one of my favorite street style celebrities. My current disgust at the publicly indecent tarts that parade their nudity into the sex drenched culture makes seeing a woman that keeps it classy and fashionable all the more appealing. There are a number of women such as Reese who are seen in public daily that are gorgeous and well-styled without looking like a 90s porn star or hooker. Though it seems the number is sadly in decline. The younger generation have little regard for their self-worth finding it necessary to reveal there breasts, nipples, crotch and ass in various states of undress in public venues. Not Reese and for that I am grateful. This is what a classy and stylish woman wears to appear in public while at the same showing off their well-earned sex appeal without being overly immodest. Well freaking done.

reese witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon Hot Legs Shopping in LA in a Pretty Dress and High Heels

Reese Witherspoon took a spin through the L.A. shopping wearing a pretty little dress and high heels showing off her fabulous toned legs. She is one of the most stylish and fit actresses in her industry these days. One can always count on her in presenting a pleasant exterior while displaying her finely shaped gams.

Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon



Reese Witherspoon Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short White Summer Dress and Wedge High Heels

Reese Witherspoon shows off her gorgeous legs wearing a simple and short white summer dress and wedge cork high heels as she runs errands around Beverly Hills. She has beautiful legs as they are long and shapely. She keeps them in shape through running and other exercises. She apparently enjoys displaying them as she likes her outfits short and her heels high. I really like cork high heels as well. Wedges aren’t my favorite but these are very stylish and look great with summer attire.

reese witherspoon truck and legsreese witherspoon truck and legsreese witherspoon truck and legsreese witherspoon truck and legs