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Salma Hayek Germany Vogue Layout – Stunning Sex Appeal and Style

Salma Hayek looks absolutely amazing in these photos from the September 2012 issue of  Vogue. What is it with 40+ year olds these days? Hayek, Nicole Kidman, Brooke Burke, Sofia Vergara, Denise Richards, Julianne Moore to name a few off the top of my head. They are any 20 year old’s equal in looks. But honestly this photoset of Salma just blows me away. It shows off her alluring beauty, voluptuous figure, shapely legs and amazing style. Man, she brings it. My enthusiasm for these photos knows no bounds.

salma hayek voguesalma hayek voguesalma hayek vogue

Blake Lively Has Long Legs in High Heels in Vogue Photos

I came across these photos of Blake Lively from a photoshoot she did for one of the women’s magazines. Vogue most likely. I found the black and white, almost silhouette photo of Blake leaning back with that long body of hers in a tight dress and towering high heels to be quite incredible. I haven’t been much of a fan of hers. However, photos like these could very well turn those sentiments around. She definitely has long legs in high heels. That I like and can admire. She’s very pretty and her curves are well placed.

blake livelyblake vogueblake vogue