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Katherine Heigl Pretty in Pink and Black High Heels on the Red Carpet

Katherine Heigl has a new movie to promote. She made a red carpet appearance for ‘The Nut Job’ wearing a pink dress with black lace trim, black sweater and black patent high heels. The dress was rather demure but pretty in an old school 1950’s way while the sex appeal came from her sky sky high heels which accentuated her shapely legs. I have always had a fondness for Katherine. She’s had her media ups and down but I find her appealing. She has a curvy body and nice legs that she does an okay job of showing off. I rather like seeing her on the big screen though most of her movies hasn’t been all that interesting. Hopefully one day she’ll choose the right project or vice versa. I think the talent and screen appeal is there.

Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl