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Barbara Palvin Long Legs in a Short Skirt and Sexy Heels

Barbara Palvin made her way back to lingerie HQ in a lovely short skirt and sexy ankle strap high heels. She was likely relieved at the Victoria’s Secret callback given her obvious pedestrian looks. How on earth she thought that with those legs and curves she could ever hope to slip into the Secret’s stash is beyond me. And for those that cannot discern sarcasm then you really should study what physical attractiveness means to you.

barbara palvinbarbara palvin

Christie Brinkley is 62 and Gorgeous 

Unbelievable that Christie Brinkley is 62 as girls a THIRD of her age would kill for that body and face. She is incredible looking at any age but, look, this isn’t the standard by which we as a Pagan, youth obsessed society, view a 60 year old woman. She’s sexy and fabulous. I’m a fan.

christie brinkleychristie brinkley