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Mila Kunis is Stunning With Hot Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Mila Kunis looks gorgeous in her little black dress and high heels as she makes her way down the red carpet at some Hollywood Awards event. She has sexy legs and they are nicely displayed in her short dress and towering high heels. They are shapely. I think she is still a smoker so I have to assume she comes by hot legs thanks to lucky genes. I’m assuming she doesn’t exercise much. Smokers usually don’t care about fitness. Irregardless, she is gorgeous.

Mila-Kunis hollywood awards LBD and heelsMila-Kunis hollywood awards LBD and heels

Kate Winslet Has Great Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Kate Winslet has some of the best celebrity legs in entertainment. They are shapely and firm and she has done a nice job of showing them off in a little black dress, towering high heels and a sleek black clutch bag. She just found herself a new boyfriends so she has been seen out and about wearing tight and short outfits. She is one of my favorite actresses and I think she is definitely one of the classiest among the talent.

Kate Winslet 2nd Anniversary Vanity Fair Party in MadridKate Winslet 2nd Anniversary Vanity Fair Party in Madrid

Salma Hayek Has Massive Cleavage and Sexy Legs in a Purple Dress and High Heels

Salma Hayek shows off her voluptuous body as she makes an appearance at The Late Show earlier this week. Guess she has a movie out but I’m really only interested in her hot legs in high heels and big boobs.

salma hayeksalma hayeksalma hayeksalma hayek

Katy Perry Has Great Legs in a Revealing Mini Dress and Platform High Heels

Katy Perry might be annoying as hell but she certainly has a great body. Her boobs are large. Her legs are shapely and long. She is very pretty. And, you know, virtually no other girl embraces her hotness as much as Perry does these days. But as much attention that is paid to her huge boobs, I contend her sexy legs are just as incredible. Her dresses are always short and her heels are always sky high. Such a lovely woman. She struts her stuff on the red carpet at some Much Music event.

katy perry has gorgeous legs in high heelsKaty Perry katy perry

Alessandra Torresani Has Sexy Legs in High Heels

This is Alessandra Torresani at the closing ceremony of the Television Festival in Monte Carlo. This is a woman that has great legs in towering high heels. I watched her in her TV show Caprica and thought she was cute and sexy. She has a great body. I’m not sure what the deal is with this dress. The front is awesome. The back is ridiculous. But she shows off her great legs in high heels so I am a fan.

Alessandra Torresani has sexy legs in high heelsAlessandra Torresani has sexy legs in high heels

Rhona Mitra Has Great Legs in a Little White Dress and High Heels

Rhona Mitra has great legs in high heels. You can tell she spends time staying in shape and keeping herself fit. I can observe a nice amount of muscle tone in her hot legs. She looks nice in her little white dress and sky high pumps as she works her way down the event carpet for the 14th Annual Millennium Awards. She has a new TV show this summer I believe. She plays, shockingly, a vampire. I think all TV shows are about some stupid vampire. But she is worth looking at so maybe I’ll check it out.

Rhona Mitra 14th Annual Millennium Awards in Santa MonicaRhona Mitra 14th Annual Millennium Awards in Santa Monica

Jessica Stroup Has Gorgeous Legs in a Tight and Short Dress With Sky High Heels

Jessica Stroup is a good looking young woman. One of the new set in Hollywood. Have no idea if she will be more than remembered for a third rate TV show on some obscure channel, but for now she is certainly making her way onto red carpets and getting noticed. She has a great body and is very pretty. Love her choice of a tight and short dress and towering high heels at this LG technology and fashion event. They show off her sexy legs nicely.

jessica stroup sexy legs in high heelsjessica stroup sexy legs in high heels