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Sophia Milos in Stiletto High Heels

Another fabulous set of photos of the lovely Sophia Milos at the Pride and Glory premiere. Her outfit is very sexy with the shiny top unbuttoned down to the there. And her skirt hugging her curves just so. This is some good stuff. Her high heels are perfect as well. Subtle platform with a nice stiletto of about 5 inches. Unlike many high heels of today that are basically stripper heels of yesterday, these high heels that Sophia wears are the perfect height and look very sexy. This woman has a lot of style. She hasn’t disappointed on the carpet yet.



Sophia Milos in Sexy High Heels

Sophia Milos continues her strong run in sexy high heels as she appears on the carpet for the Marc Aurelio Acting Award. She has on a delicious blue cleavage baring dress with stylish and sexy high heel stilettos. I still wish she would stop messing around with her face, but her body, those sexy legs, are incredible.

Sophia Milos in Black Satin High Heels

I continue to be fascinated with Sophia Milos. She has an incredible body and is very stylish. These photos of her at the 3rd Annual Rome Film Festival look amazing. She has on a gorgeous form-fitting dress and her high heels are fantastic. I think she needs to be careful with the facial reconstruction, but as long as she keeps her body in the shape it’s in and decorating it like she does, she should be OK.