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Sharon Stone Crosses Her Sexy Legs in High Heels

I seek out hot babes in high heels wherever they might be. It may be on the red carpet. Maybe in a stylish photoset. I like women in high heels and I love the legs they are strapped to. It’s not so much the shoes as much as what they do to a woman’s legs…and it’s all positive. I don’t care if the woman is young or old. If they are mounted on a some nice high heels then they will grab my attention. Take these photos of Sharon Stone. Not exactly my favorite actress but she has great legs in high heels. If she was a normal person I would certainly notice her sitting at a cafe with her gorgeous legs crossed. But she is Sharon Stone and she looks attractive in her cleavage enhancing short blue dress and strappy high heel sandals.

Sharon Stone crosses her sexy legs in high heelsSharon Stone crosses her sexy legs in high heels