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Nina Agdal Hot Shapely Legs in a Weird Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels

Nina Agdal is making her first appearance on this blog. Rather astonishing I guess though I’m not a huge fan of the model type. I prefer actress celebrities cut from the cloth of normal people who have been upgraded through their talent, fashionable appearance, fitness and great styling. Models are created from otherworldly DNA strands that are not typically that interesting. However, Nina Agdal is I think. I reckon bikini and lingerie models are different than those skeletons walking the fashion catwalk. Nina has very shapely legs and exotic features. She looks pretty nice in this weird dress and lovely ankle strap high heels.

nina agdal nina agdal

Elle Mcpherson Long Legs in Cropped Pants and Ankle Strap High Heels

Elle Mcpherson took her long legs for a stroll in cropped black pants and ever present ankle strap high heels. This lady remains one of the more saucy supermodels. Her legs are obviously incredible and she is stunningly beautiful. Growing up she was one of my favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. And even after multiple decades that body of hers remains a sight to behold. She makes 20 year olds wish they were 50.

elle macpherson elle macpherson


Karolina Kurkova Has Long Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Karolina Kurkova is a model. Therefore you’d expect her to have long legs and you’d be right. What is hit or miss is whether a models legs are toned and shapely. Sometimes these models legs are simply slim and uninteresting. That is not the case with Karolina. I observe muscle tone and shape in her ridiculously long legs. Add a gorgeous pair of high heels and a strapless mini dress and she can really grab some attention. She’s walking the red carpet at the World Music Awards for 2010.

Karolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heelsKarolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heelsKarolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heelsKarolina Kurkova World Music Awards has sexy legs in high heels

Elle Mcpherson is Leggy in High Heels

Elle Mcpherson continues to look fantastic. Her body looks as good today as it did years ago when she was rocking the SI swimsuit editions. She was and has always been a favorite. Her legs are incredible. Very long and shapely. She shows us why in these photos wearing a short black dress, stockings and some of the ugliest high heels I’ve seen on the feet of celebrities.