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Minka Kelly Has Sexy Legs in a White Dress and High Heels

Minka Kelly is one of the new Charlie’s Angels. Maybe the show won’t suck as much as I figure it will but until they yank it off the air it will be fun to check her out each week. She and the other Angels were filming the show wearing white sexy dresses and towering high heels. Minka Kelly has gorgeous legs. I’m not yet digging the other women, the blonde in particular since she is so skinny, but we’ll give them a chance.

Minky Kelly Has Great Legs in a Tight Mini Dress and High Heels

Minka Kelly is freaking incredible. simply stunning. She is poured into a skin tight dress that makes the most of her luscious curves while wearing towering high heels that accentuate her sexy legs. I had to school chicks on Popsugar who Minka is. None thought she was worthy of the honor. Apparently they evaluated her talent. It ain’t about talent, which BTW she has. The award was for sexy and she stacks up nicely with past winners. What a gorgeous woman.

minka kelly esquire LBD and high heelsminka kelly esquire LBD and high heels

Minka Kelly in a Tight Dress and High Heels

Starting to really dig Minka Kelly. She is a beautiful woman with a  fantastic body. She seems like she gets fashion correct and typically wears items that decorate her body quite nicely and she does a good job with the high heels. She has very shapely and long legs. She is one of the the sexiest up and coming celebrities. I hope you take the time to watch her show, Friday Night Lights as it has some seriously gorgeous women on it and the stories are very good. The show is a blast. Anyway, Minka looks fantastic in her black dress and towering stiletto high heels. This is some good work.

minka kelly minka kelly

Minka Kelly Displays Unbelievable Cleavage and Sexy Legs

I came across some photos of Minka Kelly at some after party during the Golden Globes and my first and only thought was, “WOW”.  She was unbelievably stunning. The dress. Incredible. I knew Minka was a pretty girl because I watch Friday Night Lights, but I had no idea she was this sexy. Her cleavage is amazing. And her legs looked shapely and tan as well. My only quibble is the dress is not very flattering around her ass. She probably has a nice bum. But you’d never know it due to the annoying fabric gather on her butt. And the high heels could be a little higher and not so modest. But wearing towering high heels along with the gorgeous cleavage she is displaying could well have been too much. This is some good work.

minka kelly instyle warnerbros goldenglobe awards party

minka kelly instyle warnerbros goldenglobe awards party

minka kelly instyle warnerbros goldenglobe awards party1

minka kelly instyle warnerbros goldenglobe awards party

Minka Kelly and Sophia Bush in Blue High Heels

Minka Kelly and Sophia Bush each had a great idea before getting dressed to go out over this past week. They each brilliantly decided to wear some smoking hot, very sexy, blue suede stiletto high heels. They each wear them well. Minka and Sophia are two very attractive girls. Minka looks amazing as she has a dark tan that works well with her white dress. The high heels look amazing with her skin tone as well. And of course Sophia looks equally as hot in her white dress with the aforementioned high heels. Nice work girls.