Nicole Kidman Long Legs in an Elegant White Dress and Stylish High Heels

I can’t believe this is the first post about Nicole Kidman I have made. Unbelievable that I’ve been slinging crap for 5-6 years on this blog and yet have managed to omit the elegant, talented, statuesque and gorgeous Nicole Kidman!? She made an appearance for some Omega Watch press conference, which I assume she is now pimping, wearing a luscious white dress and high heels. The woman has an incredible body and long beautiful legs. I can’t think of a time when she has neglected her sense of fashion. She looked very elegant with crossed legs performing her promotion duties. Glad she finally made an appearance on this blog.

nicole kidman nicole kidman

Maria Menounos Red Carpet Curves and Killer Legs in a Red Dress

I don’t think it would be unreasonable to suggest that Maria Menounos has the perfect body. I mean, you know, if you are into beautiful sporty women with toned shapely legs and stunning curves who also happen to be stylish and enjoys showing off their physical attributes. She made her way down the red carpet for some QVC fashion event wearing a figure hugging red dress and nude high heels. Quite the booty pose she gives the camera. Always looking forward to seeing her red carpet appearances.

Maria Menounos -QVC Red Carpet Style Event1 Maria Menounos -QVC Red Carpet Style Event

Kristin Cavallari Has Great Legs in Stylish Shorts and High Heels

Kristin Cavallari shows off her sexy long legs in a stylish pair of dress shorts and high heels. The outfit does a wonderful job of showing off her amazing legs. Apparently this woman recently had a body. Rather impressive she was able to put her body back together as she has. I have no idea why or what she is doing for this Bing Halloween deal she is posing for. But I am happy to see this leggy blonde doing it.

Kristin Cavallari legs in shortsKristin Cavallari legs in shorts

@CandaceBailey5 Has Long Shapely Legs

Unless you are a consumer of offbeat TV fare you probably do not who Candace Bailey is. She is a host for the geektastic show called Attack of the Show. It’s not really the greatest thing going but she makes it worthwhile to check out as she always looks amazing in her figure hugging mini dresses and sky high heels which show off her long shapely legs. She seems very fit and healthy. She talks about working out from time to time on her show and really, looking this good, she definitely puts in the effort. Anyway these photos are from her Regard magazine photoshoot. Emphasis on legs. Well done.

candace baileycandace baileycandace bailey

Maria Menounos Classy Business in the Front and Sexy Party in the Back

Digging this Maria Menounos. I haven’t really been up on what this woman does. TV host or something right? All I know is that she has been making the rounds over the summer wearing as little as possible. Bikinis, mini dresses, revealing gowns, yep, she has been showing off her wonderful sex appeal. I like that she appears fit and healthy. On the blue event carpet, she allows the cameras to get a nice look at her, BAM!, behind and toned legs. Her dress is low cut…in the back, mate. Nice! And the heels accentuate her shapely gams. Well done.

maria menounosmaria menounos

Deborah Ann Woll is Gorgeous in a Classy Pink Dress and Strappy High Heels

Deborah Ann Woll is a delight for my two eyeballs. My brain enjoys processing this lovely woman as she makes her way to the SiriusXm studios for some show. She is a perfect specimen of redheaded goodness. Toned body. Shapely legs. Stylish. Beautiful smile. Gorgeous alabaster skin. It rather vexes me that I despise her HBO show. Hopefully it will end soon which will free her up for other opportunities. As it is I will continue to enjoy her photogenic appearances in front of the static camera.

Deborah Ann Woll pretty in pink and heelsDeborah Ann Woll pretty in pink and heels

Charlize Theron Smoking Hot in a White Pencil Skirt and Strappy High Heels

Charlize Theron shows off her long gorgeous legs wearing a sleek white pencil skirt, that molds nicely to her perfect curves, and sexy high heels. She seems like she is enjoying her sex appeal as she makes the rounds promoting two big summer movies. She’ll be seen everywhere over the next few weeks for various movie premieres and appearances. It will be a delight to see what she wears to each event. She is one of the most stylish women on the planet and never seems to have a bad fashion day. I like how she is letting her hair grow longer too.

Of course, we hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

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