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Jessica Lowndes Showing Off Her Sexy Legs in a Short Black Dress

Jessica Lowndes showed up to the Hallmark Mysteries red carpet event showing off her fabulously sexy legs in a short little black number and standard ankle strap high heels. She has a lovely figure and incredible legs that are well worth discussing. She is stylish and does a nice job of showing off her sex appeal for the photographic red carpet conga line. I’m usually rather impressed in her fashion choices and beauty. Well done.

jessica lowndes jessica lowndes


Jessica Lowndes Slutty Something for Halloween

Jessica Lowndes just happened to be the first celebrity in a slutty Halloween costume this weekend that I came across. There were plenty more celebs in various states of undress but Jessica seemed as likely an example of showing off sexy legs in ridiculously high heels and a micro dress with plenty of cleavage overflow as any I saw. This is pretty much the deal for the happening Hollywood celeb-set this past weekend. I’m underwhelmed but felt obligated to post something in the spirit of the All-Hallows’ Eve slut wear parade.

jessica lowndes jessica lowndes