Charlize Theron Has Great Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Charlize Theron poses her gorgeous self down the red carpet for the launch of the Rage video game. I’m guessing the gaming nerds were thrilled to get this leggy beauty to attend their party. She is wearing a little black dress and high heel booties that show off her long sexy legs. She makes being gorgeous seem so effortless. Like she just thew on her outfit, pulled her hair back and slipped out the door like it’s no big deal. She is amazing.

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Charlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los AngelesCharlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los AngelesCharlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los Angeles

Maggi Q Has Long Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Maggie Q showed up recently to a CW party wearing a short little black dress and sexy high heels. She has long, gorgeous legs  she is showing off as she works the event carpet. Her legs are accentuated in a pair of open toe platform high heels with sexy ankle strap. These are amazing shoes and always makes legs appear even longer and more shapely than ever.

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Maggie Q legs in high heelsMaggie Q legs in high heels

Sofia Vergara Has Great Legs in a Short Skirt and High Heel Booties

Sofia Vergara hits the town shopping wearing a short black skirt with sexy stockings and hot black high heel ankle boots. Ever the stylish woman she looks good doing about anything while wearing whatever. She seems to enjoy showing off her voluptuous figure as well as her long shapely legs. Most people enjoy her cleavage but I would suggest that her gorgeous legs are just as interesting. She loves to wear high heels which nicely accentuate her legs. She is one of the most entertaining and sexy women on TV. It’s always nice to see her out and about.

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Sofia Vergara great legs in high heel bootiesSofia Vergara great legs in high heel booties

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Hot Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt goes shopping on Melrose Place showing off her sexy legs in wedge high heels. She has shapely legs. I can’t say I care for her hairstyle and I’m  not loving the wedge shoes but she still looks cute and sexy. I like that she is fit yet not your typical Hollywood waif. She has a great figure and nice legs.

jennifer love hewitt shopping on melrosejennifer love hewitt shopping on melrose

Sofia Vergara Crossed Legs in a Short Black Lace Dress and High Heels

Sofia Vergara made the Letterman show worth watching as she made an appearance to promote her TV show. She showed up wearing a sexy short black lace dress, black lace stockings and high heels. She has great legs that she enjoys displaying in revealing attire and towering high heels. Check out the stockings with the sexy line running up the back. She has wonderful curves but her legs are quite shapely and deserve attention as well. Love the shot of her crossed legs in high heels. As always this is some good work.

Sofia VergaraSofia VergaraSofia Vergara

Minka Kelly Has Great Legs in an Elegant Metallic Dress and High Heels

Minka Kelly made the Letterman show worth watching as she made a recent appearance promoting her crappy TV show Charlie’s Angels. She is a gorgeous woman with nice curves and sexy legs. She is typically stylish wearing tight, low cut and/or short attire. She seems to dig her towering high heels as well. Love the dress she wore to the Letterman show. Very sexy and elegant. The shoes are typical nude platform pumps. Very nice.

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minka kelly outside lettermanminka kelly outside letterman

Kelly Brook Has Great Legs in a Sexy Mini Dress and Sky High Heels

Kelly Brook looks amazing in a sexy mini dress that shows off her gorgeous curves and sexy legs in high heels. She is posing at the New Look boutique at the new Westfield Centre in Stratford City. She has a great body with toned and fit legs that she seems to enjoy showing off. She may be more well known fr her voluptuous figure but I can appreciate her gorgeous legs just as much. You can tell she keeps herself in shape and she is a very stylish woman wearing attire that displays her curves and legs.

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kelly brook legskelly brook legs