Selena Gomez Has Long Legs in a Short Dress and Sky High Heels

Selena Gomez shows off her long gorgeous legs in a short dress and towering high heels as she makes her way down the red carpet for some European MTV crapfest. This is a young woman that is completely embracing her hotness. She seems to enjoy wearing short attire that displays her sexy legs and tends to accentuate them in sky high heels. I really like her satin studded platform pumps. Hopefully this young woman keeps it classy and does not go the route of some of her contemporaries. I look forward to seeing her on future red carpets.

AnnaLynne McCord Has Great Legs in High Heels for Halloween

It’s always entertaining to see what the celebs wear for Halloween. The holiday is a great excuse for sexy and slutty wear. AnnaLynne McCord wore a classy, yet sexy, costume that showed off her long, sexy legs. She has toned and tight legs that she enjoys showing off in towering high heels. can’t say the makeup and wig is all that flattering but the leg show is quite revealing and flattering.

annalynne mccord annalynne mccord

Maria Menounos Has a Amazing Curves and Gorgeous Legs in Ugly Wedge High Heels

I have never made a post about Maria Menounos. Curious as she is beautiful, has a great body and sexy legs. I think the times that I have seen her she is stylish too. Obviously an egregious oversight. Perhaps she doesn’t work her way down many event carpets. I dunno but I think she looks great in her tight dress that hugs her nice curves. Cant’s say I am a huge fan of wedge high heels but they do accentuate her gorgeous legs nicely.

Maria Menounos Maria Menounos

Katherine Heigl Has Great Legs in a Mini Skirt and Sexy High Heels

Katherine Heigl must have woke up in a good mood. She hit the road wearing a sexy mini skirt and hot leopard print high heels. The outift accentuated her long sexy legs. I was actually surprised how nice she looked. Hot actually despite the hair. She is a stylish woman but is can be hit or miss in her fashion choices. This is definitely a hit. Love the leopard print high heel booties.

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katherine heigl in a short dress and heelskatherine heigl in a short dress and heelskatherine heigl in a short dress and heelskatherine heigl in a short dress and heels

Evan Rachel Woods Has Great Legs in High Heels

Evan Rachel Woods looks gorgeous as she leaves the Chelsea Lately crapfest wearing a sleek black dress and sexy high heels. I’m not digging the short hair-do but this woman is gorgeous with sexy long legs. She is indeed one of the most stylish women in Hollywood and one of the most talented of her peers. Love this outfit and the high heels.

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Evan Rachel Wood Leaving the Chelsea Lately ShowEvan Rachel Wood Leaving the Chelsea lately Show

Rachel Bilson Has Long Legs in a Short Skirt and High Heels

I love this promo shot of Rachel Bilson wearing a short black skirt and high heels for her TV show Hart of Dixie. She is a stylish woman who seems to enjoy wearing short attire and towering high heels that show off her long legs. What a great photo.

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rachel bilson hart of dixie

Kelly Brook Crossed Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Kelly Brook has a great body and gorgeous legs. She was in Dubai wearing a sleek and sexy little black dress and sky high heels which showed off her voluptuous body and long shapely legs. She is an amazing look woman. She is promoting some New Look thing over there. I’m surprised the Muslim world allows for a woman to show so much skin and look as amazing as she does. Glad she did and someone got a photo of it. Stunning.

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Kelly Brook New Look's Celebration of 5 Years in DubaiKelly Brook New Look's Celebration of 5 Years in Dubai1