Olivia Wilde Has Sexy Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Olivia Wilde looks gorgeous in a classic little black dress and high heels. She has gorgeous legs which are tight and fit and accentuated nicely with a pair of satin high heel pumps. I don’t much care for her acting but I can certainly appreciate her looks. She is a beautiful woman with a tight and slim body who is stylish and knows how to show off her beautiful legs in high heels.

olivia wilde little black dress and high heelsolivia wilde little black dress and high heels


Meredith Vieira and Kate Gosselin Show Off Their Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Meredith Vieira interviews Kate Gosselin on her crappy morning show. This is two women showing off their gorgeous legs in high heels. Both have tight and toned legs that they tend to enjoy showing off in sexy high heels. I care not for either one of these women but they are worth checking out if only for their beautiful legs.

kate gosselin and meredith viera kate gosselin and meredith viera

Cameron Diaz Attends MTV Movie Crapfest Showing Off Her Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Cameron Diaz is smoking hot as she makes an appearance at MTV’s 2011 movie awards. She is wearing short shorts which show off her incredible long and gorgeous legs. I’m not certain I care much for her high heels but they do a nice job of accentuating her beautiful legs. I really dig this chick. Her body is tight and fit and she really knows how to display her legs for full exposure.

cameron diaz mtv legscameron diaz mtv legs

Hilary Duff Has Gorgeous Legs in Denim Short Shorts and High Heels

Hilary Duff is totally rocking the summer short shorts with stiletto heels slutty look. Indeed, she has gorgeous legs. Well toned and fit. It wasn’t that long ago when this look would have been the bane of classy and stylish women everywhere. Heels and short cut off shorts? Really? But now as pop stars and second and third tier celebs slide into the cultural decay we have come to expect we no longer find it slutty and classless. No, we embrace the hotness that a woman like Duff provides since she is so willing to display her sexy legs despite looking like a whore from yore. The pornification of American culture has succeeded. Well done.

hilary duff short shorts and high heelshilary duff short shorts and high heels


Emmanuelle Chriqui Has Gorgeous Legs in a Striped Mini Dress and High Heels

Emmanuelle Chriqui is kinda hot. She has a great body and gorgeous legs but she is typically a fashion disaster and sometimes chooses not to show off her curves. Nonetheless, she looks nice in her sexy striped mini dress that shows off her killer curves and her shapely beautiful legs. Digging the high heels too. Great summer strappy sandals with a sky high heel.

Emmanuelle Chriqui sexy legsEmmanuelle Chriqui sexy legs

Eva Longoria Has Beautiful Legs in a Short and Sexy Little Black Dress and High Heels

Once again Eva Longoria shows off her gorgeous legs in a little black dress and black satin high heels. The dress is low cut and short which displays her sexy body nicely. Her body is tight and toned as well as her legs. She is stylish and fashionable. What a smoking hot woman.

Eva Longoria in a little black dress and satin high heels

Amy Adams Has Great Legs in a Casual Dress and Sexy High Heels

Amy Adams is a favorite. She is an amazing talent and incredibly attractive. She has gorgeous legs and is stylish and fashionable. She looks great in her casual blue dress and really cool leather lace up high heels. I really admire how stylish she dresses to run around NYC. Her sexy legs and those cool high heels would definitely be a head turner. Nice work.

Amy Adams legs in sexy high heelsAmy Adams legs in sexy high heels