Eva Longoria Promoting Lays Chips Shows Off Her Cleavage and Legs in a Revealing Little Dress and High Heels

Obama water carrier and stunning actress Eva Longoria made an appearance for some Lay’s potato chip event. Apparently she appeared to help the brand launch some pop-up store in Time’s Square and flavor contest. The liberal wore a tasty little dress that was low cut in the front and short on her gorgeous legs. Sexy sky high heels further accentuated her beautiful legs. Just a fabulous looking woman with a tight body.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria


Kim Kardashian’s Style is Crap Since She Started Hanging With Kanye

Kim Kardashian takes her half dressed boobs and big ass out in Miami. As you can see her style has taken a horrible turn for the worst since hooking up with Kanye West. Apparently he likes his women to dress like a hooker. And apparently Kardashian is well suited to comply. Nothing says class like wearing a top that exposes three-quarters of your brassiere and skeezy ventilation in your skirt. But you have to appreciate her porn-ready body. She’s well on her way to dressing the part. Nice $2,000 stripper heels. They look pretty hot but I can’t imagine the pain she must feel five steps after strapping them on. That is one skinny stiletto. Since I am helping to enable the media mess that is Kim Kardashian by posting these photos I will say that the skirt and heels really accentuate her sexy legs.

kim kardashian stilettoskim kardashian stilettoskim kardashian stilettos


Irina Shayk Long Legs in a Short White Dress and Strappy High Heels

Irina Shayk is wearing a dress that appears to be modeled after the finest in hotel bath sheets. It covers only the barest necessities leaving a mouth-watering display of long shapely legs strapped into expensive stripper heels. She made the most of a trip to Madrid to pimp jewelry for some mogul. We wish her the best and hope she can recover from such a grueling schedule of looking beautiful.

Irina Shayk Morellato Jewellery Collection in Madrid Irina Shayk Morellato Jewellery Collection in Madrid

Blake Lively Long Legs in a Strikingly Short Dress and Sexy HIgh Heels

Blake Lively took her long legs on a spin to the Charlie Rose show, whatever that is. She looked incredible and her legs as shapely as we’ve ever seen them. Her dress was stylish and her high heels typical of Christian Louboutin’s finest stilettos. The short dress left plenty of airspace for her thighs and little room to gracefully bend over. We won’t be lodging any complaints to the management.

Blake LivelyBlake Lively

Denise Richards – Making 20 Year Olds Wish They Were 40

I have no idea what the hell Denise Richards is up to but she sure has been seen around cameras lately. Which I suggest is a grand thing. The woman continues her tour de force of gorgeous legs display. For reasons only her publicists knows and even fewer care about, she made an appearance on GMA and a subsequent trip to the top of the Empire State Building. Fun! We dig the fact that she slipped into a white dress and strappy high heels to make the trip to the top. And we’re glad the cameras followed her every move because her body and shapely legs are fun to look at.

denise richardsdenise richardsdenise richardsdenise richards

Blake Lively Shows Off Her Long Legs in High Heels for Late Night

Blake Lively made an appearance on the Late Show wearing a short little white dress and stylish Christian Louboutin high heels. The woman has gorgeous legs. And it’s not like she is oblivious to that fact. She loves her dresses short and her heels high. Louboutin is her shoe of choice and they always accentuate her long legs. She’s beautiful gal. She has a new movie coming out by the asshat director Oliver Stone. When was the last good movie he’s made? Oh wait. Never. But someone is throwing money at him to create something that they hope people will go see. Maybe Blake Lively in a drug induced role hopefully half naked will improve his fortunes. I’ll simply be happy enough to see her make her required appearances promoting the thing. She’s a beauty.

Blake LivelyBlake Lively

Denise Richards Smoking Hot in a Curve Hugging Short Mini Dress at the CMT Music Awards

Denise Richards is gorgeous as she makes a welcome appearance to the cheesefest, otherwise known as the CMT Music Awards. The woman has a body any chick half her age would love to sport. Her shapely legs are amazing in her sexy mini dress and high heels. Her gams are well supported in typical Christian Louboutin pumps. Beautiful smile. Lovely hair. Curves. Oozing all kinds of sex appeal. Well done.

denise richards CMT awardsdenise richards CMT awards