Reese Witherspoon Has Beautiful Legs in a Little Blue Dress and High Heels

Reese Witherspoon looks gorgeous as she promotes her crappy movie Water for Elephants at the UK premiere. Her little blue dress is saucy. Love the way the straps slip down her shoulders. Makes it very seductive. Of course her body is tight and fit and the dress clings to every curve. She has gorgeous legs as she is an avid runner which helps define and tone her beautiful legs. She has on nude high heels which are standard issue these days but they are sexy and look great with her dress. This is good work from a talent that I’m not exactly a huge fan of.

Reese Witherspoon legs in high heelsReese Witherspoon legs in high heelsReese Witherspoon legs in high heels

Fergie Has Beautiful Legs in a Little Black Dress and Sky High Heels

Fergie always looks good. She love the clothes tight and the heels high. And of course this accentuates her gorgeous legs. Her legs are toned and tight and she always wears attire that shows them off nicely. I do wonder what the hell she is doing to her face. She needs to lay off the botox and whatever else she is doing. Whatever. Her body and sexy legs look great. This is some good work.

fergie sexy legs in high heels fergie sexy legs in high heels

Lucy Hale Has Great Cleavage and Sexy Legs in a Mini Dress

Lucy Hale has a great body. She has sexy legs and nice cleavage in a sexy little mini dress and high heels. I don’t know much about this woman but she is definitely very attractive. She is attending some red carpet event at Planet Hollywood looking sexy. The mini dress short and low cut shows off her sexy body. Awesome.

lucy hale legs and cleavage lucy hale legs and cleavage

Eva Longoria Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short Blue Suit and High Heels

Eva Longoria is smoking hot in her blue suit which amazing features a pair of incredible shorts that show of her gorgeous legs in high heels. The blue suit she has on is really quite amazing. It is both sophisticated yet exposes a ton of her sexy legs. Of course she is wearing beautiful pair of sating high heels that accentuate her amazing legs even further. Check out the muscle tone in those hot legs. And she is dropping some nice cleavage as well. This is some good work.

Eva Longoria leggy in a short blue suitEva Longoria leggy in a short blue suitEva Longoria leggy in a short blue suitEva Longoria leggy in a short blue suit

Sara Evans Has Beautiful Legs in Denim Cut-Offs and High Heels

Sara Evans has beautiful legs. They are on full display from her performance in Las Vegas wearing denim cut off shorts and towering high heels. Her gorgeous legs are simply stunning. I’ve always thought her to be one of the most beautiful women in country music if not in the world. But I never thought her sexy legs were this incredible. She has an incredible body and I love the shot of her performance from behind.

sara evanssara evans

Irina Shayk Has Gorgeous Legs in Short Shorts and High Heels

Irina Shayk is smoking hot as she poses for some TAO Beach Pool event wearing classy short shorts and high heels. Her long legs are shapely and toned and look fantastic accentuated in her sexy high heels. She also displays her pretty cleavage as well. She looks fantastic.

irina shayk irina shayk

Minka Kelly Has Sexy Legs in a White Dress and High Heels

Minka Kelly is one of the new Charlie’s Angels. Maybe the show won’t suck as much as I figure it will but until they yank it off the air it will be fun to check her out each week. She and the other Angels were filming the show wearing white sexy dresses and towering high heels. Minka Kelly has gorgeous legs. I’m not yet digging the other women, the blonde in particular since she is so skinny, but we’ll give them a chance.