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Heidi Montag Gorgeous Legs in Short Shorts and High Heels

Heidi Montag looks rather sexy in a tight white tank top and short shorts. Her legs are tight and look tanned and tone in her strappy high heels. She is curvy and leggy looking quite fabulous hanging out in the California sun.


heidi montag in short shorts and high heelsheidi montag in a tank top, short shorts and high heels

Heidi Montag in Skimpy White Shorts and High Heels

I think Heidi Montag is hot. As annoying as this chick is I still think she does an amazing job of decorating her tight body in eye catching attire. Of all the famous wannabes that are polluting the photo-sphere she is one that I really have a lot of admiration for sexy legs. They don’t appear to have a ton of muscle tone so I have to assume she has hot legs genetically rather than effort in the gym. At any rate they look fantastic, particularly as she always mounts herself in towering high heels.

heidi montagheidi montag

Heidi Montag With Crossed Legs in High Heels

I came across this promo shot of Heidi Montag and the other losers for her MTV show. I think she looks fantastic…Photoshop or no. The young woman has fantastic legs. And the cool thing about her is she always mounts herself in high heels. This I dig regardless of how annoying she may or may not be. Plus I think her hair is incredible. So yea, basically I think she’s hot. Her crossed legs in high heels are gorgeous.


Heidi Montag in Blue Jeans and Strappy High Heel Platform Sandals

Heidi Montag is my guilty pleasure. Sure she’s probably annoying. But the fact is the girl has a great body and is pretty. If you didn’t know who this chick was and saw her tooling around on the street she’d get your attention solely on how good she looks. The thing I like about her is that I’m not certain I’ve ever seen a bad photo of the girl. When she pops out of her house she is ready for the cameras. She straps on some sexy high heels, tight pants or short skirt and a breast enhancing top and hits the town totally expecting to objectified. I’m happy to comply.


Heidi Montag and Her New Year’s Little Black Dress

Heidi Montag decorated her cute and sexy little body on New Year’s with a short, tight and revealing little black dress. She certainly knows how to walk the thin line between slutty and stylish I think. I like her high heels. She always makes interesting choices as far as her shoes go. These stiletto sandals are very sexy and look good strapped to the bottom of her hot legs. And her hair looks really nice in these photos as well. It look extra full and wavy. Her stylist did a fantastic job.

heidi montag

heidi montag

Katherine Heigl and Heidi Montag in High Heels

Katherine Heigl and Heidi Montag are two random chicks in high heels. One obviously has nothing to do with the other except they are wearing high heels. I keep an eye out for chicks in high heels in all sorts of places. Sometimes it’s as simple as just a promo photo like these. They both have on sexy looking high heels. Thye both have great legs. I have zero interest in either one. One is a smoker (Katherine) and the other is annoying (Heidi. Wait Katherine is too.).

katherine heigl

heidi montag

Heidi Montag in Funky High Heels

I really dig this photo of the blonde princess, Heidi Montag. The chick really knows what to strap on her feet. Her sexy high heels in this photo are amazing. And hell, the one she has in her hand is sexy too. And her legs just get hotter and hotter. She has such an awesome body. I’m a fan.