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Cheryl Cole Strutting Her Stuff in Over the Knee Stiletto Boots During Paris Fashion Week

Cheryl Cole  appeared in Paris for the L’Oreal runway deal during fashion week wearing a little black mini dress with over the knee stiletto boots. She worked the runway hard showing off her long legs in the stylish attire. Can’t say I know anything about this person but she certainly caught my eye looking through the editorial photos.

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Cheryl Cole Has Gorgeous Legs in Suede High Heels

I have no idea who Cheryl Cole is or what exactly she does to get photographed. But she is a very pretty woman and has gorgeous legs. It made me happy to see that she is mounted in my favorite, which are suede high heels. Her thighs are toned and tight and have a nice amount of muscle definition. Just a perfect display of physical beauty.

Cheryl Cole Leaving A Recording StudioCheryl Cole Out & About In Los Angeles