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Blake Lively Sexy Crossed Legs at Michael Kors Fashion Event

Blake Lively made a showing at some fashion event with her buddy Emily Blunt wearing a red coat and apparently little else but white Christian Louboutin stilettos. She sat front row and showed off her lovely crossed legs. Her long legs looked amazing as usual.

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Blake Lively in a Slinky Silver Dress and High Heels

Blake Lively looked pretty amazing as she attended some celebrity event wearing a sexy little silver dress and high heels. Love the curly hair. The backless design of the dress allowing for the always favorite sideboob action was certainly eye-catching. In my opinion she went through some dubious fashion attire back in the summer but seems to have rebounded nicely in this revealing and sexy dress along with ever present Christian Louboutin pumps.

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Blake Lively Fashion Freakshow Continues

I interrupt this blog of beautiful women showing off their gorgeous legs in stylish attire to present a cautionary tale of a beauty who either fires their stylist and doesn’t know what they are doing, hires a poor representation of a stylist or is just flipping their middle finger at the world of celebrity ogling and fashion desire. Or maybe they getting paid a shit ton of money to wear crap. Either way, Blake Lively is pretty and all but of late her fashion choices has been garbage. Even when she shows off her long sexy legs her outfit of choice has been bizarre. I dunno what she is doing but her clothing is expensive bleargh.

blake lively blake lively

Here is a throwback to wash your eyes of the above and remember the good ‘ol days.

Blake Lively has sexy legs in high heels


Blake Lively Has Great Legs in High Heels and a Weird Short Suit Outfit

Blake Lively has great legs. She has great taste in high heels as well. They typically make the most of her long legs. These ankle strap high heel sandals look great. Of course I’m not sure what is going on with that outfit. In fact she has been wearing some whacky shit the last few times I’ve seen photos of her posted online. Just get a load of the crap she wore to those insipid MTV VMAs. Maybe her style will recover one day.blake lively blake lively blake lively


Blake Lively Long Legs in a Strikingly Short Dress and Sexy HIgh Heels

Blake Lively took her long legs on a spin to the Charlie Rose show, whatever that is. She looked incredible and her legs as shapely as we’ve ever seen them. Her dress was stylish and her high heels typical of Christian Louboutin’s finest stilettos. The short dress left plenty of airspace for her thighs and little room to gracefully bend over. We won’t be lodging any complaints to the management.

Blake LivelyBlake Lively

Blake Lively Shows Off Her Long Legs in High Heels for Late Night

Blake Lively made an appearance on the Late Show wearing a short little white dress and stylish Christian Louboutin high heels. The woman has gorgeous legs. And it’s not like she is oblivious to that fact. She loves her dresses short and her heels high. Louboutin is her shoe of choice and they always accentuate her long legs. She’s beautiful gal. She has a new movie coming out by the asshat director Oliver Stone. When was the last good movie he’s made? Oh wait. Never. But someone is throwing money at him to create something that they hope people will go see. Maybe Blake Lively in a drug induced role hopefully half naked will improve his fortunes. I’ll simply be happy enough to see her make her required appearances promoting the thing. She’s a beauty.

Blake LivelyBlake Lively