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Amanda Seyfried Slim Legs in a Mini Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels

Amanda Seyfried looks spiffy in an oddly printed mini dress and platform ankle strap high heels. She showed up for her obligation to promote some movie. She looked lovely and despite a lack of tone in those gams they still had the length and substance to be worth a look.

amanda seyfried amanda seyfried


Amanda Seyfried Has Pretty Legs in High Heels

Amanda Seyfried is a pretty woman with slim and pretty legs. I don’t know much about her but from what I can visualize she seems to have a nice style and knows how to decorate herself for maximum potential. I’m actually not crazy about the dress but it does deliver a nice amount of cleavage and it is cut high enough to get a nice view of her sexy legs. Her high heels are standard black pumps. Always a good choice.