Saoirse Ronan Lovely in a Pretty Sleeveless Dress and Gold Heels

Saoirse Ronan is a lovely woman who is a favorite of Hollywood these days. I can’t remember seeing anything she’s ever been in but then again attending movies would likely be a prerequisite. Regardless, I’ve seen enough of her posing on the event carpets to appreciate her style and beauty. She made an appearance for some award deal wearing a sexy little green sleeveless number with gold heels. Her legs were on prominent display and looked quite nice. Well done and congrats on your first appearance on this esteemed blog.

Great legs in high heels

saoirse ronan saoirse ronan

Kristin Cavallari Great Legs in a Short Red Dress and High Heels

Kristin Cavallari made a fabulous appearance doing whatever it is she does wearing a sexy little red dress and nude ankle strap high heels. I can’t remember seeing her out and about in a long time but she seems to be doing well and has managed to keep her fabulous long legs in toned glory. I still don’t know why she is a fixture among the paparazzi other than her stellar physical attributes but I will play along and promote her latest efforts at being noticed. Her legs are simply incredible.

Celebrities legs in short dresses and high heels

kristin cavallari kristin cavallari


Dania Ramirez Toned Legs and Saucy Cleavage in a Revealing Gown

Dania Ramirez looked incredible in a massively plunging and thigh high slit red sequined gown for some Elton John deal. She mastered the red carpet showing off her fabulous curves and gorgeous legs. I think she is one of the most appealing women in Hollywood. She always dresses to impress when she hits the event carpets and her physical attributes are simply stunning. Well done.

dania ramirezdania ramirez dania ramirez

Halle Berry, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Hailee Steinfeld Favorites at Oscar After Party

I don’t care for the Academy Awards. In fact I don’t care for any of Hollywood’s self congratulatory award presentations. Particularly this year given the political rancor we find ourselves in. It’s awful. The main thing is that I have no interest in having a bunch of Hollywood rich elite tell me what I am supposed to think. Their social justice propaganda films are utter garbage. The top films up for awards together couldn’t gross all-time what a single Marvel weekend would bring. Nobody wants to be lectured to. They want to be entertained. Oscar movies don’t entertain anymore. Check the box office if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, the Oscar red carpet was typically boring. Pretty people covering themselves in thousands of dollars of floor length covering. The excitement was the after parties where the talent decided to unfurl their sex appeal and let their physical beauty out of the Award ceremony encasement.

Halle Berry, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Hailee Steinfeld caught my eye for their incredible beauty and gorgeous legs in high heels. Amy Adams was another favorite. Her toned and sexy legs peeked out of a lovely thigh high slit gown and Jimmy Choo platform heels.

Halle Berry defies all logic. She simply gets more beautiful each year. She makes a 20 year old wish they were 50. Hailee Steinfeld seems to be the classiest of the young Hollywood set though her mullet dress while showing off her fabulous legs was less than a fave.  Jenna Dewan Tatum has incredible legs. I don’t know much about her but she lit it up on the after party red carpet.

Celebrity legs in short dresses

halle berry jenna dewan tatum hailee steinfeld




Heather Graham Long Legs in a Pretty Sleeveless Dress and Strappy Heels

Heather Graham showed up to the AOL Build series in New York wearing a lovely sleeveless dress and strappy high heels that showed off her fabulous long legs to perfection. Her fashion choices are always stylish. She came out swinging for the cameras with her beautiful smile and gorgeous hair. She’s a favorite.

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heather grahamheather graham

Alexandra Daddario Sexy Legs in a Silver Mini Dress and High Heels on the Red Carpet

Can’t believe this is the first post of Alexandra Daddario this blog has seen. She is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and sexy woman working in Hollywood. She appeared on the red carpet in support of her Netflix movie “When We First Met’ in a slinky silver mini dress and ankle strap high heels that wonderfully showed off her fabulous legs. She is noted for her stunning curves but she obviously took to heart the style lesson of either show off your bosom or legs but not both. I’m happy she chose the latter. She is stunning.

alexandra daddarioalexandra daddario alexandra daddario

Penelope Cruz Red Carpet Class and Style in Madrid

Penelope Cruz took to the red carpet for some cinema award show in Madrid looking particularly ravishing in a thigh high slit dress and sexy high heels. Red carpet style doesn’t get much better than this. Beautiful foreign actress. Great body. Sexy legs. Expensive fashion and great shoes that look amazing. Classy. She seldom disappoints.

penelope cruz penelope cruz.