Julianne Hough in a Short Flirty Dress and High Heels

I dig Julianne Hough. She is a very pretty woman with an great body. This we know. But she does a nice job of decorating herself in attire that is both elegant and sophisticated yet with a dash of sexy. She isn’t a sluttty dresser but she shows off enough of her gorgeous legs to get the heads swiveling. She has great legs and mounts herself in sexy high heels. She is seen here in short dress and high heels attending the EIF’s Women’s Cancer Fund.

Julianne Hough great legs in high heelsJulianne Hough great legs in high heels

Julianne Hough in Strappy High Heels

Julianne Hough looks cute and sexy in her ugly dress and high heels singing at the ACM Weekend on Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, whatever that is. She is very leggy which I really like. I don’t care for her billowy dress though. At least it is short enough to give a nice view of her pretty legs though. It’s hard or me to be critical of shapely gams in high heels in a photo taken from behind. That is pretty hot stuff.


Julianne Hough in High Heels

It’s almost too easy to post photos of Julianne Hough and say she has sexy legs. She’s young, a dancer, active, gorgeous and has a great body. Of course she would have hot legs. These photos are of her at the suck-ass AMA’s. Ugly dress but at least she has on high heels and it gives us a view of her beautiful legs. Of all the chick’s photos I’ve seen since the event, she is probably the hottest. Of course anywhere she goes she’s probably the hottest. Julianne HoughJulianne_ Hough