Met Gala Fashion Freak Show – Eyesore 2019

The Met Gala fashion freakshow was quite an eyesore. Many of my favorite, and not so favorite, celebrities dressed up in the yearly requisite gaudy garbage wear to parade down the red carpet. So may awful outfits. I don’t understand the premise of this. Art as fashion as couture sewage? Well, here are some really laughable outfits on display.

Not one but four trashy Gaga outfits

Embed from Getty Images

Katy Perry as a chandelier

Embed from Getty Images

Diane von Furstenberg celebrating herself

I think that’s her on her dress.

Embed from Getty Images

Elle Fanning

Hippy wingsuit.

Embed from Getty Images

Miley Cyrus

Always with the weird expressions.

Embed from Getty Images

Typical Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore wears this kind of crap all the time. I think she forgot it was Met Gala night. It could have so been much worse.

Embed from Getty Images

My Sites

Janelle Monae hat head

When you can’t decide on a hat? No problem, this is the Met Gala, wear all them bitches.

Embed from Getty Images

Ezra Miller eyeballs

Easily the stupidest thing seen at the Met Gala. What does this even have to do with fashion?

Embed from Getty Images

Hauilee Steinfeld succumbs to the stupid

Typically a red carpet favorite. Awful dress and the message is dumb.

Embed from Getty Images

Cara Delevingne fruity crown

Great body. Super legs. Outfit is not terrible. Certainly not by this freakshow standards. But the headpiece really looks hilarious.

Embed from Getty Images

Emily Blunt looks lost

Emily Blunt looks like she doesn’t quite want to be here. But feels like she must. So she grabs her aunties dress and just goes with the weird. I mean it’s not like anyone will notice, right?

Embed from Getty Images

Lupita Nyong’o colorful winged shoulder pads

Embed from Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow in a nightgown

What to wear? Why don’t I go back through my old child photos for inspirationand see what I wore 40 years ago? The yellow nightgown. Yes, that’s it!

Embed from Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross is a picture all right

Look at me. I’m picture perfect.

Embed from Getty Images

Saoirse Ronan

Superhero audition

Embed from Getty Images

I can’t go through anymore of these. There are some revealing outfits that look just as dumb but I’ll will post positively on because of the obvious sex appeal and somewhat lack of distracting moronic “fashion”.

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