Anne Hathaway Glamorous Return to Media Appearances in a Lovely Floral Dress and Red Pumps

Anne Hathaway has been absent it seems form parading her fabulous style up and down the red carpet for the better part the last year or so. Having a child obviously hinders promotion efforts as one would unlikely be creating content for anyone to view on the big screen. Regardless, it is nice to see Anne back in from of the paparazzi scrum looking as delightful as ever. She is making her way around the various media outlets making good on her contractual obligations for whatever project she has recently completed. She looks glam in a lovely knee length dress and red pumps. Later in the day she showed up on one of the late night yap fests in a disappointing maxi length dress that did nothing for her long gorgeous legs. She’s up for a few more appearances this week so here’s hoping for better results.

Anne Hathaway sexy legs in high heels video.

Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway



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