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Hailee Stenfeld wore the oddest outfit for her CinemaCon red carpet arrival. Covered in black vinyl or some such on top with the bottom completely see through lace. I guess it was fun to see her butt hanging out and to see her sexy legs through the mesh in hot platform high heeled sandals. Young starlets these days just do not have a morsel of modesty. Everything has to eventually be shown at some point. I thought Hailee might not go that route but like the rest of her peers she decided that less is more. Attention. Everybody needs attention. Anyway, she a beauty. I like seeing her on the red carpet. She’s talented. Typically stylish. Has great legs. Here’s hoping the next parade down the red carpet is a lot better.

hailee steinfeldhttp://traffic.libsyn.com/stpatricks/SPAC_112.mp3