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Kim Kardashian takes her half dressed boobs and big ass out in Miami. As you can see her style has taken a horrible turn for the worst since hooking up with Kanye West. Apparently he likes his women to dress like a hooker. And apparently Kardashian is well suited to comply. Nothing says class like wearing a top that exposes three-quarters of your brassiere and skeezy ventilation in your skirt. But you have to appreciate her porn-ready body. She’s well on her way to dressing the part. Nice $2,000 stripper heels. They look pretty hot but I can’t imagine the pain she must feel five steps after strapping them on. That is one skinny stiletto. Since I am helping to enable the media mess that is Kim Kardashian by posting these photos I will say that the skirt and heels really accentuate her sexy legs.

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