Sofia Vergara Has Gorgeous Legs in Leggings and High Heel Booties

Sofia Vergara shows some booty in see-through leggings and sexy high heel booties. The woman has an impossible body and seems to enjoy showing it off in tight and/or revealing attire and towering high heels. Not only does she have perfect breasts but her legs are long and her bottom is shapely. Stunning and incredibly sexy.

4 thoughts on “Sofia Vergara Has Gorgeous Legs in Leggings and High Heel Booties

  1. D.A.W.

    You have taken leave of your senses!

    “Sofia Vergara Has Gorgoeus Legs in Leggings and High Heel Booties”
    You don’t even know how to spell “gorgeous”.

    What Sofia was wearing were NOT leggings. Leggings are made out of leather and they only come up to the tops of the thighs. If Sofia had leggings on, she would have been showing off her panties or her bare butt.
    Also, look at the names of the picture files. Sofia was NOT wearing tights. That would have been indecent.

    Sofia was wearing stretch pants, and if your vocabulary is so poor as not to include “stretch pants”, then shame on you!

    Go back to school!


  2. onlyinhighheels Post author

    I can spell just fine. I just happen to type for shit.

    What Sofia was wearing was leggings. Plenty of websites suggested as much. Since you must be too lazy to do the heavy Google lifting allow me to provide you with at least one rebuttal:

    You seem like you would need one more:

    Leggings can be made of many fabrics and not just leather. Allow me:

    Note: cotton, latex, vinyl, and yes leather. Maybe you should be the one to tell Barney’s that they are advertising their cotton leggings incorrectly.

    Leggings also made it out of the 80’s grandma.

  3. D.A.W.

    Upstick it Arsewise.

    Male American Indians wore leather leggings during cold weather.

    Just because you seem to be British and ignorant is no excuse.
    A store named “Barney’s” is totally unknown in North America.

    Don’t use British terminology to refer to American people.
    Also don’t copy ignorant people who copy ignorant terminology.

    Also, proofread what you write, and do not blame you ignorant spelling on your fingers.


  4. onlyinhighheels Post author

    You seem dense. Very sad indeed.

    BTW – Barney’s is a luxury designer in New York. Perhaps you should spend more time researching before entertaining us with your ignorance.


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