Jennifer Lopez Has Sexy Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Sadly Jennifer Lopez is annoying me. I think she is a self absorbed twit. But I cannot ignore her sexy legs. They are toned and she always does a good job of displaying them in short dresses. She further accentuates them in sexy and towering high heels. She knows how to dress herself to get the most out of her appearances. I think her star is falling, but as she loses stature with the folks she will keep trying really hard. Thereby ensuring that we will be seeing more and more of her gorgeous legs as she finds herself desperate for attention. She fails. We win. Here she is at the About Face book launch party.

jennifer lopez in high heelsjennifer lopez in high heels

4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Has Sexy Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

  1. George

    Nice thighs. But holy shit, every blog that even mentions celebs is so incredibly mean spirited I can’t help but visualize whoever writes the entries as a stereotypical green witch with warts on her nose.

  2. onlyinhighheels Post author

    I pretty much stick to what the women are wearing and usually only post those with nice legs in high heels and say as much. So I have no reason to be “mean spirited” unless you are offended when I say I don’t care for whatever outfit they are wearing. However I was in a quandary with Lopez because, though I really like the way she looks, she appeared on the (George) Lopez show and called Sarah Palin a bitch. In Spanish. Uncool. Unclassy. So my opinion of her completely took a dive. I like Palin. Sue me.

  3. Orleans21

    In the first photo, you can tell what the man and woman in the background who are looking at Jennifer are thinking.

    The man “I wish I could”.

    The woman “Id do anything to be that hot”.


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