Olivia Munn Has Great Legs in a Tight Blue Dress and High Heel Ankle Booties

Olivia Munn has hot legs in high heels. She is on Attack of the Show acting stupid and making retarded comments but still somehow pulls it off most likely because she taps into the geek world as one of their own but who is also very hot. I find her annoying but also a nice piece of eye candy. I actually watch her show but thanks to the remote have the ability to condense one hour of mostly crap into about 10 minutes of interesting information. At any rate, I dig her sexy legs in high heels. She looks fantastic in these photos from her appearance at the Spike TV awards wearing a sexy blue dress and high heel ankle booties.


11 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Has Great Legs in a Tight Blue Dress and High Heel Ankle Booties

  1. Mizzy Bitch

    whoever wrote this article is fuckin retarted have u ever watched the show its fuckin great i dont know what ur watchin it for u should probably turn on dateline or some shit if ur lookin for the news dumb ass. at least u have great taste in legs but christ dont hate on the show its very entertaining with a few tid bits about gaming n other electronics. Ur a bitch but with good taste. Peace

  2. onlyinhighheels Post author

    Sorry Bitch but I have my opinion. Thanks for the insults. I understand now why I have little use (10 minutes tops) for the show given the quality of fan you represent.

    1. Mizzy Bitch

      quality of fan? yes i do like the show so when an ingnorant person trys to talk shit about a show i like i give em shit. N wow thats all u could come up with u should watch the show more to give u some insight into some better come backs. sorry that i hurt ur feelings but u should realize the show gets what message they r portraying out electonics, comedy, n sex. so please before u write some shit about a show watch it so u can understand whats it about.

      Its Mizzy Bitch

  3. onlyinhighheels Post author

    I watch the show. I find it much more entertaining when Munn isn’t participating. Replace her with Chris Hardwick full time and it’s cool. Hell I’d take Alison Haislip over Munn any day. Munn is great to look at. I just find her annoying and not very funny. Pair Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick together and you’ve actually got two guys that know what the hell they are talking about that can deliver a funny show. There are some segments that I care for like DVDuesday and many more that I do not, particularly their stupid skits after the top video. Gadget Pron is fine. Some interviews are cool too. But typically I can condense a one hour show down to 10 minutes omitting those segments I have no use for and the endless commercials and promotion crap. And I won’t get into that waste of an hour on Friday where they simply review the previous 4 days. Lazy.

    Thanks for checking out the blog.

    1. Mizzy Bitch

      u got some good points like Kevin Pereira is fuckin hilarioiusn yes Olivia Munn great to look at but could use some a little somethin more what it takes i dont know im no actor im just a dude who likes women with great legs n well she definelty has those her legs r prob one of all time favs u may not agree but let me know of ur fav or favs

  4. Mizzy Bitch

    oh yeah forgot to say yes DVDuesday is the shit fuckin love it i actually find out either what he says is correct or agree with it myself already so yeah

  5. onlyinhighheels Post author

    No arguments here. She has great legs.
    I’m digging Anne Hathway’s long legs these days. Along with Fergie’s shapely athletic legs. Blake Lively has appeared on the radar over the last 6 months or so. Newcomer (to me) Ashley Greene has great legs. All time favorites include Renee Zellweger (she puts in a lot of work), Jennifer Aniston (ditto) and Elizabeth Hurley (I think she is sexy from head to toe). There are plenty of others.

  6. Mizzy Bitch

    oh yeah get munn’s new pics form that fashion mag red dress one dam great pic like the open baack too wowzas


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