Charlize Theron in Black Skinny Jeans and High Heels

It must suck being a star at times. Particularly a pretty one. Charlize Theron goes to the gas station and fills up her gas guzzler ( Her hero Obama will not be amused) and she still has the photomob taking photos of her. Theron is a head turning, drop dead beauty. She’s a lot of fun to look at. But isn’t it a bit weird to snap photos of her doing the most mundane of tasks? Of course I enable this madness by posting up the photos. She gets to fill up her expensive vehicle with the money she makes from people going to see her movies and buying the shit she promotes. I can’t decide if I feel bad for her or not. Nah, guess I could give a shit. She could walk away from this madness anytime she gets tired of it. I just like seeing a leggy blonde in tight jeans wearing high heels.I think it’s cool that she is out and about and still rocking the heels.


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