Victoria Beckham Has Hot Legs in High Heels

No fan of Victoria Beckham here. I think she is a strange looking bird. Her hair is way to short for my liking. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of her smiling. Ever. I’m not into her skinny, franken-boob body. However. She does have sexy legs. She has been quoted many times as saying she does not workout. Apparently she can’t pull her feet out of her high heels long enough. But that is the very reason she has such hot legs. The high heels she wears constantly. If you were to wear them as much as she does then you would certainly get a nice gam workout. If nothing else I really dig her from about the thighs down. She does a nice job of presenting her legs by wearing eye pleasing dresses or skirts and incredible high heels. So in fact, I am a bit torn over my interest in this person after all. Sexy legs changes everything. Look over Posh’s shoulder. Hello Kate. Also in a pair of high heels.


5 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Has Hot Legs in High Heels

  1. sexy legs and body

    Hi, love your site, for obvious reasons, reaaly great. I have linked your site to my blogroll, would you please consider linking mine to yours, if not, no hard feelings, I will keep yours on my blogroll.
    Thanks and I do agree, Victoria has great legs and right now her hairstyle is not something to talk about, it has been lots better in the past.
    Thanks again.

  2. Ivor Biggun

    Victoria is sexy as all Hell!

    Everytime I see her in a short dress/skirt and her killer heels my Nuts tighten!!!

  3. Spider

    I love Victoria – she is incredibly sexy, and never moreso than when she flashes those gorgeous long legs and wraps herself in fur.


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