Ali Larter in a Tight Fitting Dress and Strappy High Heels

I look through the marital unit’s women magazines. It’s a great place to find smoking hot chicks wearing outfits and shoes that the regular gal could never wear. They also have the benefit of airbrushing so they look about as perfect as a human will never be. At any rate, I saw this photo of Ali Larter and was completely blown away. First of all, I’ve never been a huge fan,. She’s pretty but I’ve never really thought she was smoking hot. This photo changed my mind. Her hair is incredible. Love the full and long look. The dress molds itself to her slim yet curvy body perfectly. Her high heels have a towering stiletto and are very sexy. And her legs are amazing. This is some good work all around. The makeup and hair people got it right. The stylist fund the perfect dress and shoes. The photographer took a blazing hot photo. And the Photoshop dude did a perfect touch-up. And to top it off the interview was just what I like to hear. Larter says she likes glamour. She enjoys dresses and wearing heels. If you read the article you will note that she even wore 5 inch stilettos to the interview.


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