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Renee Zellweger recently went on the David Letterman show. The show aired last night. Renee looked fantastic. She had on a tight red dress and suede high heels. Letterman started chatting her up regarding her figure and how she stays in such beautiful shape. He asked was it genetics or did she work out. Renee said she goes to the gym every day. Hell yea. You can tell. Look at her gams. Very tight, shapely and firm. You don’t get an ass like that without work. You don’;t get a body as lean and trim s that without putting in the effort. She said she runs 3 miles on the treadmill and does the weight machines at the gym. I’ve always figured her to be into working out, but hearing her say as much was really cool. I really dig a woman who is into keeping her body in shape by working out. I still regard her as the celebrity with the best legs. And I’m glad she enjoys showing off her work by wearing high heels and sexy dresses.

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