Emily Deschanel Can Dress Better Than This

Emily Deschanel is a pretty woman. Very pretty in fact. I just think she could have done a lot better dressing for the Golden Globes than what she is displaying here for the InStyle after party. I’m sure Aunt Martha was happy to let her borrow her dress and shoes to go to the awards, but even she probably wished she found something else to decorate her body with. Emily is pretty. If there is an actress with prettier eyes I haven’t seen her. She has a very nice figure, so why not give us a little more to objectify? She’s a big girl now. She could have lifted her heel height up an inch more or so. Honestly those are some of the ugliest shoes I’ve seen on a celebrity working the red carpet. I’m disappointed because there is mucho potential unrealized here.

emily deschanelemily deschanel

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