Olivia Munn at CES in Suede Towering High Heel Stilettos

I had every intention of posting up photos from the 2009 Golden Globes. Unfortunately it was not an evening of high heel and sexy leg viewing. All the big names came dressed for the prom in their long gowns. Granted, many were absolutely gorgeous. And there was a good collection of cleavage. But the fact is there was no leg and high heel show. Bummer.

But Olivia Munn worked CES for G4. And she was photographed wearing some very towering high heels. Suede no less. Smoking hot. I didn’t exactly find any photos from the front but really who cares. It’s nice enough to see the back of her sexy legs and stilettos. Her dress seems a little baggy through her ass and hips I think. But it’s enough to see her hot legs in those amazing high heels. I love it.

olivia munn olivia munn

5 thoughts on “Olivia Munn at CES in Suede Towering High Heel Stilettos

  1. shoeman

    Wow! Incredible high heels and legs on Olivia! I LOVE this blog!

    However, there were a few great high heels and leg sightings at the Golden Globes. Check out these:

    Teri Hatcher:



    Nikki Cox:




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