Kate Winslet Has Sexy Legs in Little Black Dresses and High Heels

Kate Winslet has been out promoting her Oscar movies lately and looking very tasty. Who knew she was so hot and had such sexy legs? I have developed a crush on her. I’ve always thought she was a fantastic actress, but had no idea she could look so incredibly gorgeous. I’ve been enjoying her out on the carpets and in interviews as she wears form fitting, cleavage baring black dresses with sexy high heels. This is some good work.

kate winslet kate winslet kate winslet




5 thoughts on “Kate Winslet Has Sexy Legs in Little Black Dresses and High Heels

  1. onlyinhighheels Post author

    combination of me being a dumbass and the changes WP made in how you create a post with photo apparently. it’s fixed

  2. kyle

    Ever since I saw these photos I had a very bizzare dream:

    I dreamt that I was going to College one day, when all of a sudden I saw a load of people running in the same direction, as if they were running away from something. Then I felt the ground shaking as I heard several loud klumps and saw tanks flying into pieces. Then, after all the people ran away I saw what it was: An attractive, 50 foot Kate Winslet wearing a short black dress and sexy closed black pumps defending herself by stepping on or kicking tanks and striking snipers with her huge hands.

    After she killed all the soldiers who attacked her she saw me. I was now preparing for the worst, as I was not sure what she was going to do, it turned out that she liked me; I slowly walked away and she used her foot to cut my path and insisted I stay with her. I did so as I looked up at this beauty of a sight that was the giant Kate winslet and she put me in her hand and spoked to me about how she wanted to have a small friend. We had a special bond together she asked why I wasn’t frightened of her and I said it was because she had very sexy legs and I got covered in lipstick when out of nowhere she kissed me with her bouncy castle like lips. I then took an oath to protect her at all cost.

    That’s what got me liking Kate Winslet


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