Lily Allen in High Heels

This is an example of why women should consider wearing high heels. Lily Allen is not the most glamorous chick around. She doesn’t seem like she tries very hard but she’s pretty ordinary as far as I can tell. But have her strap on a pair of high heels and her sexiness changes completely. Ordinarily I’d never give her a second look on the street. But seeing how hot she looks wearing those stilettos is enough to get my head turned. Granted she was off to the Women in Film 2008 awards in London, but still, she looks good in the heels.

lily allen

lily allen

3 thoughts on “Lily Allen in High Heels

  1. emily mathews

    i love those shoes i would just love to walk around with them on all day and then go home and have sex with them on!! and my thigh high stockings !!

  2. 01artist

    I had to write in. This looks terrible. She is lumbering around in those heels like they weigh a ton. And the heels look ugly to boot. You need to get rid of the ugly panty hose and learn how to walk in them heels baby. Some nice white strat stilettos might do the trick.


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