Reese Witherspoon in High Heels

Surprisingly I find these photos of Reese Witherspoon kind of sexy. I am no fan. The media loves this girl. Always propping her up as the greatest actress plying her trade. They find her cute and funny. Blah, blah. Blah. Not me. I find her boring. Not so cute. Definitely not sexy. So why post up these photos of her going to the Letterman show this week? Especially when there isn’t much to objectify? Her high heels and her gams are actually quite to my liking. A nice pair of high heels and sexy legs can usually turn my thinking around. At least for a moment. I still have no interest in her but will give her opportunities like this to change my thinking. I used to feel the same way about Jennifer Aniston and now I’m a fan and look to objectify her at any opportunity. So there is hope.



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