Emily Deschanel in High Heels

Emily Deschanel is one sexy looking chick. She is simply gorgeous with the bluest and sexiest eyes I’ve seen in quite a while. I have been completely remiss in not watching her TV show. It must be fun to check her out weekly, huh? Anyway, she looks beautiful in her blue purple dress and black high heels. She has a nice body and her legs are very firm and fit looking. I’ll have to make a bigger effort at finding opportunities to objectify this girl. I decided it was worthwhile to not only post a full body photo of Emily but also a nice closeup of that beautiful face featuring those smoky blue eyes. I’m a fan. Nice work Emily.

2 thoughts on “Emily Deschanel in High Heels

  1. dionizia

    she is gorgeous. and about those blue eyes which i must say are BEAUTIFUL. have u seen her sister’s eyes?


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