Kelly Brook in High Heels

It’s generally acknowledged that Kelly Brook has one of the top bodies in the world. It’s ridiculously curvy. She is amazingly gorgeous. There just isn’t a lot not to like. Most lad blogs admire her breasts. Yes, they are quite wonderful. But her legs are worth a mention as well. She’s a trained model and really knows how to accentuate her body parts allowing for proper objectification. I don’t know what it is about these English babes but Kelly is but one of many that are incredible to look at. This photo of Kelly in thigh high stockings and high heel slides is quite sexy. Well done Kelly.

Kelly Brook

6 thoughts on “Kelly Brook in High Heels

  1. Dale A. Wood

    The word is “minidress” and NOT “mini dress”, and likewise for “miniskirt”, “minibus”, “minicar”, “minigolf”, “ministate”, “minivan”, and “minicomputer”.

    By the way, when someone corrects you on your English, the proper response is “Thank you”, instead of griping about it.

  2. Dale A. Wood

    “She looks incredible though I must say I think bikinis and high heels, while sexy, are really kind of stupid.”
    You and your negative-ass remarks do not make you look smart or witty, but they make you look like a jackass. Furthermore, they make you look like a jackass who is abusive of women.

  3. onlyinhighheels Post author

    Aww. I’ve missed you Dale. So smug in your self-righteous trolling. I really don’t care about your petty English lessons. For every reference to “minidress” I can show you a “mini dress”. But look man you can have it. Far be it from me to tell some dude how to spell some fashion terms.

    So I am abusing a woman by saying “she looks incredible” but I really don’t see the point in heels and bikinis? Okay man. You got me.

    Oh and BTW – Might want to go to and have a spin. Let’s see: “minigolf”

    – no dictionary results
    No results found for minigolf:
    Did you meanmongol

    I dunno Dale, did you?

    Maybe you should troll them now.

    Thank you for visiting. Always a pleasure.

  4. Dale A. Wood

    Hey, jackass, you are too ignorant to learn anything new, and you’re proud of it.
    By the way, which university did you get your master’s degree or Ph.D. from, like me.
    Was your mother or father an English teacher like mine were? I had an English teacher and a high school principal. I have two master’s degrees.
    You are such a jackass that you REFUSE to admit that there are people in the world who are smarter then you. All you want to do is to blow idiotic shit out of your mouth.

  5. onlyinhighheels Post author

    Hey Dale. Greetings once again to my humble blog where it seems you can’t find anything better to do with your time than troll.

    There are millions of people smarter than me. You just don’t happen to be one of them.

    Once again it was fun watching you curse and get yourself twisted in a knot over…your English lessons? Cheers professor.


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