Danielle Lloyd in High Heels

I have no idea who Danielle Lloyd is. She’s making the recent red carpet rounds for some shit. Blog objectifiers everywhere are digging the girl. Must be something about her body. Let’s see. Nice legs? Check. Nice boobs? Check. Hips curvy? Roger. Pretty face? 10-4. All in all a good performance by your basic red carpet nobody. Silver high heel stilettos on the red carpet matches well don’t you think?

Danielle Lloyd

3 thoughts on “Danielle Lloyd in High Heels

  1. Toni

    She’s British and surprise surprise you ‘have no idea’ who she is, just like Holly Willoughby, Anna Friel etc etc. You really should do a little research, you are effectively providing a service and although your website is excellent, really well put together and extensive, the lack of resepct for the Brits is a little frustrating. I do agree with your comments on V. Beckham though, she is hugely unpopular in Britain for all the reasons you stated.

  2. onlyinhighheels Post author

    Just because I don’t know who they are and have no interest in finding out doesn’t mean I am slighting the British. If I don’t know who they are, how would I know they were British? My favorite actress is Kate Winslet. I would argue that Kate Beckinsale has the sexiest legs in entertainment. I love Elizabeth Hurley. She is beyond sexy. I have a current celebrity crush on Emily Blunt. You can add Lily Allen, Kelly Brook and Rachel Weisz as other English personalities that I have noted an admiration for on here and other blogs I write. Of my top 5 female celebrities, probably 3 are British, so I have plenty of love and respect for the Brits. You noted only a couple that I had no biographical interest in, or couldn’t ID…other than noting they had gorgeous legs and were wearing interesting high heels.
    Thanks for reading.


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