Dana Delany in High Heels

One of my favorite show of the late 80’s early 90’s was China Beach. I thought Dana Delany was one of the coolest characters I’d seen in TV. She had one of the great female parts in all of TV, then and since. It was just a great show and a fantastic piece of acting. I’ve kept up with Dana through the years. I thought then as I do now, that she is a beautiful woman. Very stylish. Great body. I came across these candid photos of her in a sweet looking dress and elegant high heels. Kind of goes a little askew from the tight, short and high that has been the theme of this site so far, but I find myself objectifying her all the same. She’s a knockout.

Dana Delany

One thought on “Dana Delany in High Heels

  1. Bruce Hekking

    Dear Dana: You are a composite picture of my ideal lady! You are simply very beautiful! And I enjoy your “Body of Proof” show.
    Thank for your lovely photos….I hope you and yours have a most happy Holiday Season!
    Warm regards….Bruce H. (Sea Cliff, NY….29. April 1934)


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